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“Your Work” Exclusion on CGL Policy

Insurance isn’t a warranty. It doesn’t replace faulty work or products, but it does cover the Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) caused by the faulty work or product. The exclusion of faulty work often referred to as “your work”. One of the most contested provisions of the commercial general liability (CGL) policy is the provision excluding coverage for… Read More »“Your Work” Exclusion on CGL Policy

Study: Most Know Little About Their Homeowners Policy

More than half of homeowners say they know very little about their home insurance policies and coverages, according to a survey by Some 54 percent of all homeowners surveyed admitted to knowing, “not much at all” about their homeowners policies. “The reason people need to understand their homeowners insurance is because it’s the only way to know if you… Read More »Study: Most Know Little About Their Homeowners Policy

Homeowners Not Liable for Tree Trimmer’s Death

A homeowner is not vicariously criminally liable for the misdemeanor acts of a tree trimmer, the California Supreme Court decided. According to Maria Dolores Ramirez V. Thomas Nelson, a worker for an unlicensed contractor hired by homeowners Thomas and Vivian Nelson to trim trees at their residence was electrocuted when his polesaw came in contact with an overhead high voltage… Read More »Homeowners Not Liable for Tree Trimmer’s Death

Green Homeowners Policy in California

Calfornia’s Department of Insurance has approved the first green homeowners insurance policy in California, offered by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. This coverage approved by Commissioner Poizner will be available August 1, and will enable California homeowners with conventional homes to rebuild to the latest environmental standards after a loss. The newly-approved policy will provide coverage for costs typically not covered… Read More »Green Homeowners Policy in California