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Coronavirus – Does Your Insurance Cover You?

The disruption to business and everyday life caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is resulting in an economic impact for every business. With hourly announcements from health agencies calling for social distancing, school closings, business restrictions, and event cancellations, current news reports indicate the crisis will get worse before it gets better. Much of this disruption is likely not covered by insurance.

The two most asked questions we’ve received over the past two weeks have been:

– Where can I buy coverage for the COVID-19 viral pandemic?
– Does my insurance have coverage under my current policy?

We have consulted with specialists across the Property, Casualty and Professional Lines sectors and offer the following COVID-19 update. Please note this is not an interpretation of any policy language and we recommend that you inquire with counsel for specific interpretation and advice on your particular insurance policy.Read More »Coronavirus – Does Your Insurance Cover You?

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety

commercial grade kitchen equipmentOperation of a commercial grade kitchen, many safety considerations should be addressed, including food safety, employee and volunteer safety, and fire safety. This blog post addresses the specific issues associated with providing adequate fire safety for your kitchen.

Commercial cooking operations are defined as kitchens that have cooking equipment that produce grease and grease laden vapors. This includes flat grills, char broilers and deep fat fryers. The typical residential range (electric or gas) would not be considered a grease producing appliance. Other equipment, such as ovens, microwaves and steam kettles also fall into the non-grease producing appliance category. The following is information regarding two of the most common types of equipment that produce grease and/or grease laden vapors.

Deep Fat Fryers

Deep fat fryers are a major cause of kitchen fires. Oil can splash and easily come into contact with an open flame from an adjacent piece of cooking equipment, such as a gas-fired range top. A 18-inch clearance must be maintained between the deep fat fryer and the open flame cooking equipment. If a 18-inch clearance is not possible, a vertical steel barrier extending 12 inches above the top of the deep fat fryer or open flame appliance(s) can be used as an alternative means of protection.Read More »Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety

Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios from $150/yr.

Insurance for personal trainers and fitness studios is specifically designed to meet the unique insurance needs of Fitness Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Spinning Instructors, Dance Instructors, Martial Arts Teachers, Pilates Instructors, and many more categories of fitness instruction without any restriction of age or gender of your students. Abuse and Molestation – INCLUDED!

The Fitness and Wellness Insurance program for Fitness Studios covers many types of studios including Aerobics, Exercise, Spinning, Fitness Training, Strength Training, and Pilates Studios with equipment. It also covers activities such as weightlifting, swimming, saunas, tanning booths, sport courts and group exercise. Dance Studios are eligible under Performing Arts.

Coverage available for:Read More »Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios from $150/yr.

What insurance do dental labs really need?

What insurance do labs really need? In this short article we provide answers to some of the most common insurance related questions. Today dental lab owners and lab technicians can be sued. But it is never late to give your business insurance a check-up and determine the type of liability insurance you need to have and then to make sure you have it. The good place to begin with is to check the NADL (National Association of Dental Laboratories) or your state dental laboratory association. If you are a member of NADL than you can talk to their membership service… Read More »What insurance do dental labs really need?

Ensure Your Inventory is On Time

1. Perfect your plan Every savvy shopper has a plan for buying the perfect gifts. Do you have a plan for making sure those must-have gifts are available on your shelves throughout the shopping season? Now is the time to know which products will be in big demand and plan your holiday sales strategy so those key items are available. Your plan should include: Identifying which products make up the largest portion of your sales Making arrangements with suppliers to have those products available before and during the start of the holiday shopping season Knowing your options or limitations for… Read More »Ensure Your Inventory is On Time

Protection for Water and Sewer Districts

Serving the public is a serious, round-the-clock responsibility. It’s your job to protect, plan for, and serve the needs of your community as it grows. And it’s our job to protect you with thoughtfully designed, tailored insurance coverages. Our dedicated underwriting, claims and risk control teams work specifically with water and sewer districts and can provide you with one source for your insurance and risk management needs.


• Training modules for unique risks such as flagging/traffic control
• Risk control specialists to assist in analyzing digging sites for pipe-laying hazards
• Coverage available for failure-to-supply services and sewer back-up liability
• Utilization of immunities and tort caps where applicable
• Coverage for members of boards, commissions and sewer authorities


• Co-located medical and claims professionals promptly handle, thoroughly investigate and fairly resolve claims, with a focus on return-to-work
• Discounts and savings through carrier’s preferred medical provider network


• Specialized equipment breakdown  coverage and certified boiler and machinery inspections and consultations through carrier’s Boiler & Machinery


• Complimentary EPL hotline provides access to EPL attorneys* to answer your questions
• Discounts for employee training to help protect against “failure to train” exposures


• Our dedicated Sewer Backup Claim Unit  understands the importance of balancing residents’ emotional reactions to water backup events with prompt claim handling
• Specialists work with sewer backup adjusters for valuation of residents’ personal items, antiques, etc.


• Coverage to protect against cyber and ID fraud for entities that store data electronically

Read More »Protection for Water and Sewer Districts

Small Business Safety Tips: Business Property

Possible accidents: Fire occurs due to outdated or old wiring damaging both the building your business owns and some of your equipment inside A roof leak causes significant damage to the goods in your warehouse Computers and media equipment are stolen from your place of business over the weekend How can I protect my building/premises, equipment, and materials from water damage and fires? The following questions point out basic building maintenance and fire prevention controls that should be in place: Is the building’s exterior structure, including all equipment, in good condition? Are drain pipes, signs, tanks, fences, canopies, etc. secured?… Read More »Small Business Safety Tips: Business Property

Risk Control: Fire Safety Plan


The development of a Fire Safety Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) will help ensure the optimum use fire prevention and life safety features installed in a building. The complete plan will reflect all the resources available to the building occupants and identify the basic measures that will aid in an orderly and safe evacuation all occupants in an emergency. An effective Plan that enhances the life safety of staff and building occupants requires:
• a commitment by building management and staff to the safety of occupants;
• knowledge of the building and its fire safety protection equipment by supervisory staff;
• a clear understanding by supervisory staff of the fire safety procedures in the Plan and how to implement properly; and
• the cooperation and education of building occupants.

The following information discusses the preparation and implementation of a Fire Safety Plan.Read More »Risk Control: Fire Safety Plan

Renters Insurance Quotes

Protect your belongings for as little as 57 cents a day Chances are your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your personal property if there’s a fire or break-in. By getting renters insurance for as little as $0.57/day, you can protect your belongings and help make sure you can replace them if something happens. When you get renters insurance through Paperless Insurance Services, you’ll be able to: ► Save time — you’ll receive instant multiple quotes within minutes. ► Find affordable rates — choose from several options (coverage and carriers) ► Buy easily — purchase online or over the phone. ► Save even… Read More »Renters Insurance Quotes

Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc. has started offering business insurance products in the State of New York, PIS INC announced Thursday. PIS INC will be using their website as the marketing and underwriting base in the State if New York CFO Diana Motseniat said in her announcement. Paperless Insurance also announced that it is in the process of starting operations in the State of Texas. “Starting operations in New York is vital to the continued expansion of our U.S. platform to complement our strong position and build a truly unified small business insurance platform,”… Read More »Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York