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Earthquake Coverage

Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage

Generally, Ordinance or Law insurance coverage provides limited protection for costs associated with repairing, rebuilding, or constructing a structure when physical damage to the structure by a covered cause of loss triggers an ordinance or law.

According to Adjuster’s International Disaster Recovery Consulting, compliance with ordinances and laws after a loss can add 50% or more to the cost of the claim*.

Insureds should take a proactive approach to their insurance program and the coverage provided by the program. Learning about important exclusions and limitations after a catastrophe strike will cause the Insured to experience frustration and anxiety. Insureds should always read their policies, and in some states, may be required by law to do so.

Ordinance or Law Exclusion

Most property insurance policies will have an Ordinance or Law exclusion. The exclusion applies to both physical damage and time element coverage.Read More »Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage

Step-by-Step Hurricane Preparation

emergency preparedness kit

What actions should property owners in the predicted path of the storm take to prepare?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides invaluable advice on what you should do when you receive a hurricane watch or hurricane warning alert from the National Weather Service for your area.

As the hurricane approaches, here’s a checklist of what to do as the storm approaches, broken down by hours:

1. What to do when a hurricane is 48 hours from arriving

– Review your evacuation route(s) & listen to local officials.
– Review the items in your disaster supply kit; and add items to meet the household needs of children, parents, individuals with disabilities or other access and functional needs or pets.Read More »Step-by-Step Hurricane Preparation

Why Californians Aren’t Buying Earthquake Insurance?

San Francisco Earthquake No doubt after last earthquake near Napa, you’ve purchased or restocked your emergency kits, and rehearsed with friends and family what the plan is if another big one hits. And then, there’s earthquake insurance, or probably not. Most Californians if they’ve looked into it have already determined earthquake insurance is far too expensive for what they’re likely to get in return. According to Amy Bach, an executive director and co-founder of United Policyholders, a San Francisco based nonprofit that advocates for insurance consumers, people often go on rumors, and there is a lot of misinformation out there about earthquake insurance in general. Including in the agent/broker community. Now there’s a lot of folks out there selling it that really don’t know about all the options.Read More »Why Californians Aren’t Buying Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake at night? Relief to the employer!

Photo by @NBCNewsPictures

Photo by @NBCNewsPictures

6.1 earthquake this Sunday night has awaken Bay Area at 3:20AM. Some of the people got injured and have been hospitalized.  

Had the quake hit during the day when most businesses are open the employees could have been injured at work and the employers could have been responsible for their injuries. There is no legal precedent as to whether workers compensation insurance would cover those injuries resulted from the quake, however, it is quite likely.Read More »Earthquake at night? Relief to the employer!

International Advantage Natural Disaster Enhancement

When working in the real world, businesses can face real world problems.
A U.S.-based church group was stranded in a Haiti crisis zone. Our service provider sent a security detail to escort the group to the Dominican Republic, where they were repatriated safely to the U.S. within 24 hours of the call.

How can we help?
Our international package policy can provide executive assistance services with an optional Natural Disaster Relocation and Repatriation coverage enhancement to assist your employees in their time of need.

Read More »International Advantage Natural Disaster Enhancement

FEMA National Preparedness Report 2013

Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness, requires an annual National Preparedness Report (NPR) that summarizes national progress in building, sustaining and delivering the 31 core capabilities outlined in the National Preparedness Goal. The 2012 NPR highlighted preparedness accomplishments in the decade since the September 11, 2001 attacks and the 2013 NPR focuses on accomplishments either achieved or reported on during… Read More »FEMA National Preparedness Report 2013

Insurance for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation facilities provide medical assistance and behavioral and nutritional counseling to individuals who are in need of substance abuse services. Eligible risks may include Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Rehabilitation Centers, Halfway Houses Inpatient, Methadone, Early Release Prisoner Programs (Alcohol & Drug related offenses only) and Outpatient Detox. Clinics may also be included as an eligible class… Read More »Insurance for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

September is National Preparedness Month

A recent Travelers survey found that 48% of small business owners do not have a written business continuity plan. That’s especially troublesome considering that The American Red Cross estimates as many as 40% of small businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. We have partnered with Travelers Insurance Company to offer Business Continuity tools that help business owners plan… Read More »September is National Preparedness Month

Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Introduction: Case Scenarios – A painter’s scaffold collapses resulting in severe injury to the painter and a pedestrian. The painter had no insurance. The building owner is held liable for all losses. – A cabinet installer puts a long screw into a wall. It punctures a water pipe causing water damage. The installer’s insurance policy was not renewed. The homeowner’s… Read More »Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Our March Success List

NEW YORK – Restaurant Supply Store – Metal Goods Manufacturing for Restaurants/Bars/Hotels – Very large slip and fall loss 2 yrs prior – $20,000 Premium – NY – Household goods mover MTC account – Trucker’s GL also separately placed – $800 Premium – NY CALIFORNIA – Large Pallet MFG for $13K in premium in CA. – Large Used Car Dealership… Read More »Our March Success List