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The Hartford Broadens Professional Liability Offerings for Tech Companies

The Hartford has enhanced its FailSafe suite of professional liability offerings to address the evolving needs of technology companies with expanded coverage for data, systems and networks. “Professional liability is one of the most significant risks for technology companies today,” said Joe Coray, vice president of The Hartford’s Technology & Life Science Practice.  “An alleged failure of a product or service that causes economic loss to a client’s business can result in a costly lawsuit and reputational damage.” According to The Hartford’s data, professional liability claims against technology companies average more than $200,000*. Most of these claims include allegations of… Read More »The Hartford Broadens Professional Liability Offerings for Tech Companies

Private Choice Ovation – Comprehensive Insurance Protection

Today’s complex economic, regulatory and legal climate leaves little margin for error in running a business. Do you have the necessary comprehensive insurance protection needed to defend against all of the exposures you can face running a business in this environment? Paperless Insurance Services in partnership with A+ rated Hartford Insurance Company is excited to introduce Private Choice OvationSM (Ovation), a new and enhanced management liability coverage offering from The Hartford. Designed to help protect businesses from unforeseen loss, Ovation offers an exclusive suite of products with customizable coverage parts and limits to meet your client’s specific business needs. These coverages can help… Read More »Private Choice Ovation – Comprehensive Insurance Protection

What insurance do dental labs really need?

What insurance do labs really need? In this short article we provide answers to some of the most common insurance related questions. Today dental lab owners and lab technicians can be sued. But it is never late to give your business insurance a check-up and determine the type of liability insurance you need to have and then to make sure you have it. The good place to begin with is to check the NADL (National Association of Dental Laboratories) or your state dental laboratory association. If you are a member of NADL than you can talk to their membership service… Read More »What insurance do dental labs really need?

New Enhancements to Real Estate E&O Program

We are proud to announce that we’re now offering an exclusive Real Estate Errors and Omissions Liability protection. Easy Way to Quote and Bind Online We offer an advanced and intuitive online application that allows to facilitate the quotation, binding and policy issuance process for our customers. For qualified applicants, a quote and policy may be processed in minutes. Coverage Features We’re confident that our program will bring you superior underwriting and service. That said, the policy’s coverage will remain packed with coveted features and include 2 free hours of access to a toll-free, confidential risk management hotline and, for qualifying risks, new coverage… Read More »New Enhancements to Real Estate E&O Program

Fire Safety Checklist

This inspection sheet should be completed at home by the entire family.  Inspect each area of your home to make sure no fire hazards exist. We have ___ smoke alarms in our home. The last time we replaced the battery in our smoke alarm was __/__/__.  It must be replaced once a year. We test our smoke alarms monthly. We never use the batteries in the smoke alarms for toys or anything else. We have a home escape plan. Our plan includes two ways out of every room. Our family has a special place to meet outside if there is… Read More »Fire Safety Checklist


Use contracts to effectively manage working relationships and protect your business interests. If hearing the word “contracts” makes you groan, you’re not alone. Many small business owners – particularly Specialty Trade Contractors – have told us that contracts and their impact on insurance are, to put it bluntly, a pain. But, having contracts in place with customers, subcontractors and suppliers can actually be a relief when questions pop. TOP 5  CONTRACT TIPS CHECKLIST Keep these important tips in mind before you enter into a contract: 1. ALWAYS READ A CONTRACT CAREFULLY – never skip the “fine print” because it may… Read More »CONTRACTS: TURN PAIN TO GAIN

Broad Form Auto Endorsement

If you are shopping for your business auto insurance consider getting quote from Hartford. With a broad form auto endorsement you are getting: Coverage Who Benefits Most Claim Scenario Loan Gap Coverage – When a financed vehicle is declared a total loss and your insured’s outstanding loan balance is greater than the actual cost value of the vehicle, The Hartford will pay the difference between the outstanding loan balance and the actual cash value of  the vehicle. This is a new coverage! Any small business owner that finances company vehicles Like many small business owners, Jane financed the Ford F350 truck… Read More »Broad Form Auto Endorsement

Barbeque Safety: At Home and On the Road

Eighty-one million Americans have taken part in a barbecue during the last year. Many of them were in celebration of Independence Day. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, be sure to be safe when using the grill and handling food. Keep your grill, your home, and your loved ones safe by following these recommendations from the U.S. Fire Administration: Position the grill well away from siding and deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches. Place the grill a safe distance from lawn games, play areas, and foot traffic. Keep children and pets away from the… Read More »Barbeque Safety: At Home and On the Road

Broad Equipment Rental, Sales Businesses Coverage

Equipment suppliers often have protection needs that extend beyond the scope of a traditional property policy. Whether a business rents tents and tables for special events, sells industrial machinery or leases high value medical equipment, protecting the equipment while it is in the company’s possession or in use by a customer is vital to the business’s operation. The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. now offers Equipment Rental & Sales Choice, a marine policy that provides property protection for a broad array of equipment suppliers. The policy brings together several different types of coverage typically offered in separate marine policies. “Having… Read More »Broad Equipment Rental, Sales Businesses Coverage