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Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Introduction: Case Scenarios – A painter’s scaffold collapses resulting in severe injury to the painter and a pedestrian. The painter had no insurance. The building owner is held liable for all losses. – A cabinet installer puts a long screw into a wall. It punctures a water pipe causing water damage. The installer’s insurance policy was not renewed. The homeowner’s… Read More »Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Renters Insurance Quotes

Protect your belongings for as little as 57 cents a day Chances are your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your personal property if there’s a fire or break-in. By getting renters insurance for as little as $0.57/day, you can protect your belongings and help make sure you can replace them if something happens. When you get renters insurance through Paperless Insurance Services,… Read More »Renters Insurance Quotes

Texting While Driving Now Banned in Idaho

At least 35 states and Washington, D.C., ban text messaging by drivers, but efforts to toughen the law in Idaho has struggled to gain traction in recent years.  After several tries and frustrating setbacks, Idaho is set to join the majority of states that have toughened laws against sending text messages while driving. House lawmakers voted 53-17 Tuesday to bar motorists… Read More »Texting While Driving Now Banned in Idaho

Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc. has started offering business insurance products in the State of New York, PIS INC announced Thursday. PIS INC will be using their website as the marketing and underwriting base in the State if New York CFO Diana Motseniat said in her announcement. Paperless Insurance also announced that it is… Read More »Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

Fire Safety Checklist

This inspection sheet should be completed at home by the entire family.  Inspect each area of your home to make sure no fire hazards exist. We have ___ smoke alarms in our home. The last time we replaced the battery in our smoke alarm was __/__/__.  It must be replaced once a year. We test our smoke alarms monthly. We… Read More »Fire Safety Checklist

Customer Satisfaction with Home Insurers

Customer satisfaction with homeowners insurance companies this year is up from 2010, but still remains below levels achieved in 2009. Overall satisfaction with homeowners insurance companies averages 769 in 2011—improving by 19 points from 2010, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. National Homeowners Insurance Study. The study examines five factors: – policy offerings; – price; – billing… Read More »Customer Satisfaction with Home Insurers

Love your neighbor, Help your neighbor

State Farm and consumer research firm Harris Interactive surveyed more than 17,000 people about the state of American neighbors and found that 83% are willing to help a neighbor having financial problems. Every second person said that neighbors affect his or her happiness! Here is a brief summary of our staff advise on how to get closer with your neighbor… Read More »Love your neighbor, Help your neighbor

Barbeque Safety: At Home and On the Road

Eighty-one million Americans have taken part in a barbecue during the last year. Many of them were in celebration of Independence Day. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, be sure to be safe when using the grill and handling food. Keep your grill, your home, and your loved ones safe by following these recommendations from the U.S. Fire… Read More »Barbeque Safety: At Home and On the Road

Keep jewelry OFF the Homeowners policy, here’s why..

If jewelry is on HO: The impact of a jewelry claim is serious! Jewelry loss counts as HO loss. Jewelry losses hit CLUE and PILR reports. Client loses homeowners’ “claim free” rating. HO policy is difficult to re-market after a loss. “Mysterious disappearance” claims, in particular, are red flags. HO policies have capacity limitations. Many HO carriers will not cover… Read More »Keep jewelry OFF the Homeowners policy, here’s why..