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New York

New York Automobile Insurance Plan

The New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP) is the central mechanism established pursuant to Article 53 of the New York Insurance Law to provide auto liability and physical damages coverages to those insureds who are unable to obtain such auto insurance in the voluntary market. All insurers writing automobile insurance in New York State must participate in the NYAIP by… Read More »New York Automobile Insurance Plan

Insurance for Snowplow Damage

Our West Coast readers can skip this post. All other homeowners in the U.S. are aware that with a snow comes snowplow damage.
Mailboxes often are the first objects damaged because of snowplows, and the city ordinance may note that city shouldn’t be responsible for digging them out if they are covered with snow. Many properties sustain damage after a municipal snowplow driver tear apart the entire length of road at the front of residence, damage parked vehicles, lawns. Residents whose property lie beside public roads are reminded not to place any type of private property, including landscaping shrubbery, fences, light posts or mailboxes, in the right of way.
Here is a short video of snowplow literally cleans Brooklyn’s street.

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Get Liability Insurance for Holiday Lights

Whether you are a main street business owner in Buffalo, N.Y.’s or small cafe in San Francisco, CA don’t wait for the city threatening to pull the plug on a holiday tradition. You better not take your chances and plug holiday light displays into street light poles unless you hire licensed electricians to do the work and take out liability… Read More »Get Liability Insurance for Holiday Lights

Insurance for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation facilities provide medical assistance and behavioral and nutritional counseling to individuals who are in need of substance abuse services. Eligible risks may include Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Rehabilitation Centers, Halfway Houses Inpatient, Methadone, Early Release Prisoner Programs (Alcohol & Drug related offenses only) and Outpatient Detox. Clinics may also be included as an eligible class… Read More »Insurance for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

Our March Success List

NEW YORK – Restaurant Supply Store – Metal Goods Manufacturing for Restaurants/Bars/Hotels – Very large slip and fall loss 2 yrs prior – $20,000 Premium – NY – Household goods mover MTC account – Trucker’s GL also separately placed – $800 Premium – NY CALIFORNIA – Large Pallet MFG for $13K in premium in CA. – Large Used Car Dealership… Read More »Our March Success List

Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc. has started offering business insurance products in the State of New York, PIS INC announced Thursday. PIS INC will be using their website as the marketing and underwriting base in the State if New York CFO Diana Motseniat said in her announcement. Paperless Insurance also announced that it is… Read More »Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

Turn Flash mob Fun into Holiday Crime

Flash mob — a group organized through social media to suddenly assemble in a public place. This holiday season retailers should be alerted for a potential risks posed by criminal “flash mobs” that might suddenly swarm stores to steal merchandise during the shopping season. In a statement, Marsh (NY) noted that thieves that take advantage of flash mob techniques to… Read More »Turn Flash mob Fun into Holiday Crime

Hartford Insurance Company Expands Coverage For Healthcare Providers

As the aging population and advances in medical technology fuel the healthcare industry’s rapid expansion, providers face new growth opportunities and specialized protection needs. To help healthcare administrators address these needs, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., has expanded its portfolio of insurance products and services for healthcare providers with tailored coverage designed specifically for healthcare facilities. “Healthcare service providers… Read More »Hartford Insurance Company Expands Coverage For Healthcare Providers