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Marital Status and Personal Insurance

Your particular insurance needs depend, in part, on who you live with and your relationship to them. Most changes to your relationship status will warrant an insurance policy update. If you don’t update that information, your insurance company may have incomplete information about who’s sharing your home or your car, and you may have too little or too much coverage. Insurance Needs for Single or… Read More »Marital Status and Personal Insurance

Insurance for Manufacturers – 4 Common Claims

There are hundreds of thousand of small, medium and large manufacturing facilities operating in the United States today, and each one of them faces unique risks and challenges due to the complex process of making stuff. Business Owners Insurance Can Help Protect Against Common Problems 1) Equipment Failure Due to the nature of manufacturing, the risk posed by equipment breakdown can be… Read More »Insurance for Manufacturers – 4 Common Claims

Commercial Umbrella Explained

  • Umbrella

A commercial umbrella policy is the coverage often requested from businesses by their clients or via contract. Usually the umbrella can be obtained after the primary casualty terms are in place.

A commercial umbrella policy is like third base – we only pay attention to it when we are hurrying home. That’s because we usually have to wait until the primary casualty terms are in place before we can begin focusing on the umbrella – and by then, time is quickly running out!

Anecdotal evidence of this tendency can be found in the typical answer to any question of coverage found in a commercial umbrella – it follows form. Unfortunately, this answer is too often not accurate. A fact that you would rather not discover after a large claim is denied by the umbrella insurer even though it is covered by an underlying policy.

Excess, Umbrella – A Rose by Any Other Name

The confusion begins with what we name the form (alternately, excess liability policy or umbrella liability policy). An umbrella policy may be described as a specific type of excess liability policy — a policy whose value may be measured by comparing that particular form to the three objectives an umbrella is generally designed to achieve.
As you cannot determine the substance of a book solely by examining its title, similarly the title of the policy form — excess or umbrella — does not reveal the terms of coverage. Titles such as “Excess Liability Protection,” “Commercial Umbrella,” “Commercial Excess Liability Policy ” and “Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage Form” are commonly used but reveal very little about what is covered by the umbrella policy.Read More »Commercial Umbrella Explained

Protection for Water and Sewer Districts

Serving the public is a serious, round-the-clock responsibility. It’s your job to protect, plan for, and serve the needs of your community as it grows. And it’s our job to protect you with thoughtfully designed, tailored insurance coverages. Our dedicated underwriting, claims and risk control teams work specifically with water and sewer districts and can provide you with one source for your insurance and risk management needs.


• Training modules for unique risks such as flagging/traffic control
• Risk control specialists to assist in analyzing digging sites for pipe-laying hazards
• Coverage available for failure-to-supply services and sewer back-up liability
• Utilization of immunities and tort caps where applicable
• Coverage for members of boards, commissions and sewer authorities


• Co-located medical and claims professionals promptly handle, thoroughly investigate and fairly resolve claims, with a focus on return-to-work
• Discounts and savings through carrier’s preferred medical provider network


• Specialized equipment breakdown  coverage and certified boiler and machinery inspections and consultations through carrier’s Boiler & Machinery


• Complimentary EPL hotline provides access to EPL attorneys* to answer your questions
• Discounts for employee training to help protect against “failure to train” exposures


• Our dedicated Sewer Backup Claim Unit  understands the importance of balancing residents’ emotional reactions to water backup events with prompt claim handling
• Specialists work with sewer backup adjusters for valuation of residents’ personal items, antiques, etc.


• Coverage to protect against cyber and ID fraud for entities that store data electronically

Read More »Protection for Water and Sewer Districts

Business Insurance Market Update

The hardening insurance marketplace has led to a great deal of success for us in a variety of our niches recently. We continue to develop new products at the same time. Below are several items we wanted to highlight: 1) Apartments / Lessors Risk (Office Exposure – Real estate schedules that generate more than $100,000 in premium in the “better… Read More »Business Insurance Market Update

Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Introduction: Case Scenarios – A painter’s scaffold collapses resulting in severe injury to the painter and a pedestrian. The painter had no insurance. The building owner is held liable for all losses. – A cabinet installer puts a long screw into a wall. It punctures a water pipe causing water damage. The installer’s insurance policy was not renewed. The homeowner’s… Read More »Risk Transfer: Managing 3rd Party Relationships

Our March Success List

NEW YORK – Restaurant Supply Store – Metal Goods Manufacturing for Restaurants/Bars/Hotels – Very large slip and fall loss 2 yrs prior – $20,000 Premium – NY – Household goods mover MTC account – Trucker’s GL also separately placed – $800 Premium – NY CALIFORNIA – Large Pallet MFG for $13K in premium in CA. – Large Used Car Dealership… Read More »Our March Success List

Costly Lawsuits Fright Wealthy Americans

America’s wealthiest families increasingly worry that their wealth alone makes them a prime target for a high-stakes liability lawsuit in this uncertain time of high unemployment and tepid economic growth, according to a new report. But many wealthy families remain poorly prepared for such lawsuits in spite of their concern. They fail to appreciate the different aspects of their lifestyle… Read More »Costly Lawsuits Fright Wealthy Americans

Cheesy for some Papa John’s

Fireman’s Fund has opened the door to a new eligible risk and franchise for Paperless Insurance! The franchise’s ‘Better Ingredients,  Better Pizza” has made them infamous but their esteemed reputation and recognized leadership practices has made them our goal! Papa John’s Pizza now eligible in Paperless Insurance’s national Pizza Operators Insurance Program. Our program is written on a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which includes Business Personal Property with Tenants Improvements and Betterments, Business… Read More »Cheesy for some Papa John’s

Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc. has started offering business insurance products in the State of New York, PIS INC announced Thursday. PIS INC will be using their website as the marketing and underwriting base in the State if New York CFO Diana Motseniat said in her announcement. Paperless Insurance also announced that it is… Read More »Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York