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California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan

The CALIFORNIA AUTOMOBILE ASSIGNED RISK PLAN (CAARP) was created in 1947 by the state legislature with the essential purpose to provide automobile liability insurance to those who “in good faith” are entitled to but are unable to procure such insurance through ordinary methods. The statute indicates a legislative intent to encourage drivers to seek insurance in the voluntary market using… Read More »California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan

Spring Tune-up for Parks

Spring Tune-up for ParksIt’s time for a spring tune-up of your park. With the return of spring and warmer weather in many parts of the country, parks will soon be the site of baseball games, children’s day camp activities and family outings. Park directors are already planning to have staff prepare parks, playgrounds, ball fields and other outdoor venues for the warm-weather season after months of minimal maintenance.

As park staff begin work on the damage created by winter weather, it’s useful to review injury sources and liability concerns common with parks. The most frequent source of injury is swimming pools and the highest average claim cost is associated with ball field, soccer field or grassy play area injuries.

Park directors are often challenged to prioritize the pre-season maintenance work that must be completed to prepare park areas for public use. Each park director, based on knowledge of the local parks, establishes a work schedule for staff to ensure that the parks will be ready for use.

Spring Maintenance Programs

There are many maintenance items that should be addressed early in the spring. The following lists are excerpted from Travelers Public Sector Services’ Spring Tune-up Program for two areas: ball fields and trails.Read More »Spring Tune-up for Parks

‘Right to Repair’ Statutes: the Fix to Construction Defect Litigation

“Right to Repair” In the United States More than thirty states have enacted legislation that requires homeowners to notify builders of claimed defects and to provide them with an opportunity to repair the defects before the owners initiate legal proceedings. These “right to repair” statutes are the legislatures’ response to the increased filing of time-consuming and expensive construction defect lawsuits.… Read More »‘Right to Repair’ Statutes: the Fix to Construction Defect Litigation

Ridesharing Insurance Rules in California

Free Gas Today Uber ridesharingA new law requiring that ridesharing drivers and companies have liability insurance coverage during all three periods in which they use the ride-sharing application went into effect 7/1/2015.
The rules are in effect under Assembly Bill 2293, which was signed into law in September 2014.

The law stipulated divides ridesharing activities into three periods.
[process_steps type=”horizontal” size=”small”] [process_step title=”Period one” icon=”mobile-phone” icon_color=”#ff0000″] App open and waiting for a match [/process_step] [process_step title=”Period two” icon=”map-marker” icon_color=”#beb509″] Match accepted, but passenger not yet picked up [/process_step] [process_step title=”Period three” icon=”car” icon_color=”#239c0a”] Passenger in the vehicle and until the passenger exits the vehicle [/process_step] [/process_steps]

AB 2293 requires:

Read More »Ridesharing Insurance Rules in California

Emergency Loans for Drought Available for Small Businesses in California

Drought Loans CaliforniaSmall businesses in a handful of counties in California are now eligible to apply for low interest federal loans to help offset the costs of prolonged drought.
The U.S. Small Business Administration announced that non-farm businesses may qualify for loans up to $2 million.
Agency director Tanya Garfield says eligibility will be determined on financial impact of the drought and not on any property damage.
Drought loans bear interest rates of 4% for businesses and roughly 2.6 percent for non-profit organizations.
Applicants may apply online at the Small Business Administration website.

Read More »Emergency Loans for Drought Available for Small Businesses in California

Frozen 2

The California 2nd District Court of Appeal overturned a lower court ruling that the lawsuit against White Memorial Hospital was filed too late, the ABC News reported on 4/3/2014. M.A. was declared dead in July 2010 after suffering a heart attack and was placed in a freezer at the Boyle Heights hospital. Morticians who received her body a few days later… Read More »Frozen 2

Top 10 States and Cities for Job Growth

According to Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business that provides rankings and analysis of the winners and losers based on the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – overall, 12 states showed job growth of at least two percent last year, the same pace as in 2012. The number of jobs added nationwide last year was 2.26 million. Final, revised numbers on state and city job growth for the year 2013 shows top 10 states for non-agricultural job growth, comparing 2013 to 2012:

1. North Dakota – up 3.6%
2. Utah – up 3.2%
3. California – up 3%
4, 5. Texas and Colorado– 2.9%
6. Nevada – up 2.7%
7. Idaho – up 2.6%
8. Florida – up 2.5%
9. Washington – up 2.2%
10. Arizona – up 2.1%Read More »Top 10 States and Cities for Job Growth

April is National Safe Digging Month

Safe DiggingCall 811 before you dig. Whether you’re planting a garden, building a fence or remodeling your home, no project is too small to call 811. Damage from digging is a common cause of pipeline accidents. One easy, free call to 811 Underground Service Alert (USA) at least two working days before you dig gets your utility lines marked so you can dig safely. This free service will notify underground utility operators in the area of your planned work.

Safe digging tips:Read More »April is National Safe Digging Month

General Liability in Liquor Cases

Liability in Liquor Cases

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General liability is a must have insurance coverage for business of any size, including commercial operations performed from a residence. However, even the most comprehensive insurance policy has gaps in coverage, for example most of the claims involving the alcohol sale or serving are excluded from coverage. And that my be a threat to your business, unless you request a Liquor Liability Insurance endorsement.
California’s high court has ruled that hosts who charge admission to parties may be held legally responsible if a drunken underage guest is hurt or injures someone else.
On March 4, 2014 the state Supreme Court said in the unanimous ruling that a cover charge amounts to a sale of alcohol, and state law creates liability for those who sell alcohol to clearly intoxicated youngsters.Read More »General Liability in Liquor Cases