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Markel Corp.

Trade Credit Receivables Insurance in U.S.

Trade Credit Receivables InsuranceMarkel Corp. is now underwriting trade credit insurance – also known as receivables insurance – in its New York office. Policies will be underwritten on an admitted basis, utilizing two Markel insurance companies, Markel American Insurance Co. and Markel Insurance Co. Products may not be available in all states. Worldwide capacity for the coverage, which protects companies that sell products against the risk of non-payment from vendors, is close to $9 billion and has increased substantially over the last 10 years as more insurers look to benefit from the profitability of the segment. Companies from retail and manufacturing to engineering to software firms can use the coverage.
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Preparing your business for potential holiday hazards

prepare businessMenorahs and Christmas trees light up Main Streets across America during the holidays, but there are risks associated with these decorations. Risk management professionals and insurance agents can help business owners understand how to keep their stores festive yet hazard free during the holidays.

The holidays usually bring several things to a small business – more foot traffic, celebratory decorations and additional staff to help with boosted sales.  However, with added customers and distractions, slips and trips are never far away. So when getting into the holiday spirit, you should make safety a priority.Read More »Preparing your business for potential holiday hazards

Medical Umbrella

Markel Corp. has launched a new umbrella product for Allied Healthcare accounts. This product will serve as a lead umbrella policy over eligible Allied Healthcare lines such as hospitals, medical labs, pharmacies, surgery centers and clinical trials up to $10 million in capacity. Coverage is written on a surplus lines basis through Evanston Insurance Co. (Essex Insurance Co. in Illinois… Read More »Medical Umbrella