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Coronavirus – Does Your Insurance Cover You?

The disruption to business and everyday life caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is resulting in an economic impact for every business. With hourly announcements from health agencies calling for social distancing, school closings, business restrictions, and event cancellations, current news reports indicate the crisis will get worse before it gets better. Much of this disruption is likely not covered by insurance.

The two most asked questions we’ve received over the past two weeks have been:

– Where can I buy coverage for the COVID-19 viral pandemic?
– Does my insurance have coverage under my current policy?

We have consulted with specialists across the Property, Casualty and Professional Lines sectors and offer the following COVID-19 update. Please note this is not an interpretation of any policy language and we recommend that you inquire with counsel for specific interpretation and advice on your particular insurance policy.Read More »Coronavirus – Does Your Insurance Cover You?

Looking Back to 2014, Ahead to 2015 at Natural Disaster Activity

Fewer tornadoes, a mild hurricane season, lower acreage lost to wildfires, overall less flood and other damage— all in all, 2014 was not as bad as it could have been for natural disasters in the U.S. That’s according to global property information and analytics firm CoreLogic, which released its annual Natural Hazard Risk Summary and Analysis detailing the most significant natural… Read More »Looking Back to 2014, Ahead to 2015 at Natural Disaster Activity

Electronic Audit of Insurance Premium

Business insurance premium is subject to audit: workers compensation audits payroll, product liability audits sales, payroll as well is under audit in the construction industry. And if you ever had business insurance and gone through the audit, I am sure you’d been wondering around confusing forms on multiple pages, that required you some calculations and even your accountant was raising… Read More »Electronic Audit of Insurance Premium

Payroll billing – pay as you go – workers compensation insurance

Not a long while ago, the payroll billing premium was available only through a state compensation insurance company, for a large premium account or sometimes through a payroll company like Paycheck that was calculating the premium as they calculate your monthly payroll. Lucky us, Hartford Insurance Company has introduced: Here’s how it works Purchase a Hartford Workers’ Compensation policy through us and let… Read More »Payroll billing – pay as you go – workers compensation insurance

Property&Casualty Rates Down Again

U.S. property/casualty insurance rates dropped an average of 4% in May compared with the same period last year, Dallas-based electronic insurance exchange MarketScout said. Property/casualty rates also fell 4% in April and March. There has been debate about how recent catastrophes—including the March 11 earthquake in Japan and floods in Australia—will affect insurance pricing, experts say. “Financial and economic metrics… Read More »Property&Casualty Rates Down Again

Economic Changes Affecting Your Car Insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) survey found the most common car-related, money-saving lifestyle changes consumers made in the last 12 months that could impact their insurance costs were: Nearly 40 percent of respondents are driving less overall and/or taking public transportation more frequently. Close to 20 percent of car owners traded in a vehicle for a lower-priced model… Read More »Economic Changes Affecting Your Car Insurance

Property Crimes Dropped in 2010

Violent crime is down 6.2% and property crimes have decreased 2.8% in the U.S., according to the latest government statistics. Also, arson offenses, which are tracked separately from other property crimes, is down 14.6 percent nationwide. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report compares information from law enforcement agencies for the period January to June 2010 with the same period… Read More »Property Crimes Dropped in 2010

You Would Have to Be High Not to Buy This Coverage

Medical cannabis dispensaries, collectives, cooperatives, cultivators and caregivers  operating within state guidelines have a new option to protect themselves. Coverage for medical marijuana operations is now available. In addition to working with one of the largest, A+ rated, international insurance carriers to develop the raid coverage program, the programs specifically designed to meet the evolving insurance needs of the medical… Read More »You Would Have to Be High Not to Buy This Coverage

New: Zurich Fleet Intelligence

Global driver risk management company has partnered with Zurich on its new, integrated fleet risk management system called Zurich Fleet Intelligence (ZFI), offering its telematics services to Zurich’s insurance customers seeking ways to minimize their fleet’s operating costs and reduce crashes, all while keeping their vehicles up-and-running and drivers safe. ZFI works by combining the data from telematics services or… Read More »New: Zurich Fleet Intelligence

How to Reduce Drunk Driving

Presently, Texas State law does require that interlock devices be installed in the vehicles of drivers convicted of two or more DUIs, or those that have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more —  nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08. New Bill, introduced recently, require that all persons convicted of driving while intoxicated have an ignition interlock device… Read More »How to Reduce Drunk Driving