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Seven Benefits of Non-Compete Agreements

Small and midsize businesses can more effectively protect their trade secrets and customer relationships by requiring employees to enter into non-compete agreements. 1. Non-Compete agreement can enhance the value of your company 2. With non compete clause you can qualify for trade secret protection 3. Non-compete agreements do protect your customer relationships and enhance your clients’ confidence 4. Require all… Read More »Seven Benefits of Non-Compete Agreements

Workers Compensation Statute of Limitations Explained

A workers compensation statute of limitations is a regulation in a common law legal system that sets the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated. For example, such legal proceedings may involve claim subrogation or premium collection. California’s statute of limitations for collecting unpaid insurance premiums begins once an insurer has sent… Read More »Workers Compensation Statute of Limitations Explained

Electronic Audit of Insurance Premium

Business insurance premium is subject to audit: workers compensation audits payroll, product liability audits sales, payroll as well is under audit in the construction industry. And if you ever had business insurance and gone through the audit, I am sure you’d been wondering around confusing forms on multiple pages, that required you some calculations and even your accountant was raising… Read More »Electronic Audit of Insurance Premium