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general liability

Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Denial of Commercial General Liability Coverage (CGL) coverage for certain types of property damage claims made against contractors or other repair or service business frequently cite exclusions j. (5) and j. (6), or as Randy Maniloff1  has named these exclusions, the “double js.” Put another way, these exclusions are appropriately labeled “double js” because if an insurer is citing one… Read More »Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Difference Between General and Professional Liability

The terms general and professional liability insurance are often confused. General liability helps cover the costs of damages and lawsuits if your business is held responsible for things like property damage, bodily injury, libel, and slander against another. Professional liability helps cover the costs related to claims your business committed errors or omissions in the advice or services it provided. It’s more important than… Read More »Difference Between General and Professional Liability

Furnace Safety Tips

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Clean Or Change Furnace Filters Regularly. Replace disposable filters. Wash, brush or vacuum permanent filters. Check The Exhaust Vent From The Furnace. Clear obstructions such as leaves or animal nests from the vent pipe. Keep roof exhaust vents clear of snow. Inspect The Blower Motor With The Power Off. Vacuum any accumulated dirt. If the owner’s manual calls for it,… Read More »Furnace Safety Tips

Landlord & Tenants and Waiver of Subrogation

Mitch, aka “the coffee man,” has owned and operated his coffee shop for almost a decade. His shop is located on Market Street and comprises about 900 square feet of leased space in an office building. Mitch is having his attorney, Diana, negotiate the renewal of his five-year lease with the building owner/landlord. Diana has arranged to meet with Mitch… Read More »Landlord & Tenants and Waiver of Subrogation

All Insurance You Need For Your APU Waste Haulers Business Company

You shouldn’t have to wonder about the quality of coverage for your waste hauling business, or whether the program will be around the next time you need to renew. Our team has more than 30  years of experience in this segment. Serving the industry, this long-standing program is stable even as market availability, in general, may be decreasing.

Our waste haulers program incorporates comprehensive insurance coverage for companies engaged in almost any type of non-hazardous waste service activity, is available on admitted paper with excess coverage up to $10M, and offers competitive rates. Our carriers are A.M. Best Rated A+10 and American-owned.

Read More »All Insurance You Need For Your APU Waste Haulers Business Company

Nursing Home Liability

With ample capacity in a nursing home and long-term care liability insurance, competition remains strong among carriers. However, clouds have been gathering on the horizon, with the convergence of three separate events threatening to create a perfect storm in the marketplace.

Increasing Claims

Claim frequency and severity has been climbing for the past several years, with nursing home litigation being one of the fastest-growing areas of health care litigation. In a recently published report on an actuarial analysis of the long-term care sector, it was stated that long-term care frequency is increasing by 5% annually.

Severity is a concern as well. Consider a few mega-claims in the past few years:Read More »Nursing Home Liability

Product Recall Insurance for Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesalers

Licensed attorney and insurance broker Diana Motseniat talks about the product recall insurance. We offer Product Recall coverage in multiple states of the USA. To get a quote complete this application: Learn more about Product Recall: [tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”5LTC5UdYQe0″]      

Insurance for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

fire-sprinkler-contractorsSprinklerPro® is a multi-line insurance program for fire sprinkler contractors engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, testing, service, and repair of fixed water-type and special hazard suppression systems.
Target clients are as follows
  • Fire Sprinkler Contractors – Designing, Fabricating, Installing, Testing, Servicing and Repairing Sprinkler Suppression Systems including Pre-action or Deluge systems, and systems utilizing: Halon, Inergen, FM 200, Foam, or CO2
  • Contractors performing some mechanical work with sprinkler installations
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Pollution Liability including microbial substance (mold / fungus)  available
  • Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • Special Endorsements include Blanket Additional Insured, Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, and Per Project Aggregate Limit
  • Primary and non-contributory provided for additional insureds with no premium charge
  • No exclusion or limitation endorsement for residential work
Availability: Nationwide

Read More »Insurance for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Fleet Safety Program

For organizations that operate vehicle fleets, it’s important to have a formal, effective safety program. It establishes the policies and procedures that are needed to ensure a safe work environment for your employees. It can also help protect against liability for vehicle accidents – a significant exposure for most fleets – and helps control accident costs. To be effective, a formal… Read More »Fleet Safety Program

Insurance for Cities and Counties

Our Public Sector Services department serves local cities and counties right in your backyard, offering products and services designed specifically for public entities. We partner with leading providers of property casualty insurance for public entities, with the financial strength and stability you can rely on. We have developed unmatched expertise serving cities and counties. Consider our breadth of coverages, which… Read More »Insurance for Cities and Counties