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Catalytic Converter and Insurance

First of all, both your personal auto insurance and business auto insurance cover the damage to your autos with a theft of catalytic converter, as long as you have full coverage. You should open a claim an the payment will be processed with comprehensive part of your insurance policy.  You’ll likely need to pay your deductible. Thieves have targeted catalytic… Read More »Catalytic Converter and Insurance

How To Sell Products Online: A Small (Or Aspiring) Business Owner’s Guide

Online marketplaces not only help sellers reach a wider audience of potential buyers, but they also offer a year-round sales venue beyond seasonal street fairs, craft bazaars and art shows — one that doesn’t rely on good weather or holidays. And for small businesses, online sales are more important than ever, especially during the pandemic when social distancing has become… Read More »How To Sell Products Online: A Small (Or Aspiring) Business Owner’s Guide

Explaining Employers Liability Exclusion

  • EPLI

Even when you follow all the necessary safety guidelines and precautions, accidents and worker injuries can happen on a construction jobsite. And when you have numerous sub-contractors involved, who is held liable for paying worker injury claims can get complicated quickly. This article details how the Employers’ Liability exclusion works in a Commercial General Liability policy through a hypothetical claims… Read More »Explaining Employers Liability Exclusion

Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Business If Customers Sign a Waiver?

Many business owners ask themselves do I need liability insurance for my business if my customers sign a waiver, and the answer is yes. A waiver or release form is a contract designed to shift liability away from the business with the consent of the customer.  Waivers are meant to significantly alter the legal landscape from a place where the… Read More »Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Business If Customers Sign a Waiver?

Insurance for Manufacturers – 4 Common Claims

There are hundreds of thousand of small, medium and large manufacturing facilities operating in the United States today, and each one of them faces unique risks and challenges due to the complex process of making stuff. Business Owners Insurance Can Help Protect Against Common Problems 1) Equipment Failure Due to the nature of manufacturing, the risk posed by equipment breakdown can be… Read More »Insurance for Manufacturers – 4 Common Claims

How to Find the Right Auto Shop

The first rule of finding a good auto-service shop is to ask around and search online. If you’ve got people saying, ‘I’ve used this guy for many years and he’s always been good,’ you don’t want to ignore that.  Here are 7 more things to look for when hiring someone to maintain or repair your vehicle.

Protecting Auto Dealer’s Shrinking Inventories During Hail Season

Hail can fall just about anywhere, at any time throughout our country – although it is more prominent in “Hail Alley,” where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming meet. Unless 100% of an auto dealer’s inventory is stored indoors, it is susceptible to hail-related loss. With 17,000 franchised auto dealers and 45,000 independent used-car dealerships in the U.S., that’s a great deal of assets… Read More »Protecting Auto Dealer’s Shrinking Inventories During Hail Season

How to apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The Small Business Administration is accepting applications now. Your business could be eligible for up to $10 million in grant funding. As COVID-19 restrictions across the country begin to ease, restaurants, bars and foodservice businesses are finally starting to see signs of life after a devastating year. Food and beverage business owners will get some help with reopening from the… Read More »How to apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Standard Flood Insurance Limitations

With the official start of the 2021 hurricane season rapidly approaching, flood insurance inquiries are surging in a red-hot real estate market. However, as many new and existing home and business owners gear up to shop for the policy that provides them the largest rate relief, it is imperative to understand the limitations of both standard NFIP flood insurance policies… Read More »Standard Flood Insurance Limitations