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Personal Insurance

No one wants to leave for vacation only to realize that they forgot to shut their windows at home. Use these tips to prep your home before you set out.

Prep Your Home Before a Vacation

Before COVID, US residents took an average of 1.9 billion trips for leisure per year. If you’ve traveled, you probably already know that taking a vacation requires a lot of planning. Between booking flights and hotels or deciding which roads to take and sights to see, there are a lot of moving parts to a great vacation plan. But as you coordinate your… Read More »Prep Your Home Before a Vacation

Landlords and Habitability Claims

In parts of the U.S., the housing market remains locked in a perpetual impasse between high demand and low inventory of affordable residences. In heavily populated states such as California and much of the Northeast, soaring rents have led to overcrowding in multifamily dwellings, which can lead to living conditions more conducive to maintenance and habitability concerns such as sewer… Read More »Landlords and Habitability Claims