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Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Denial of Commercial General Liability Coverage (CGL) coverage for certain types of property damage claims made against contractors or other repair or service business frequently cite exclusions j. (5) and j. (6), or as Randy Maniloff1  has named these exclusions, the “double js.” Put another way, these exclusions are appropriately labeled “double js” because if an insurer is citing one… Read More »Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Furnace Safety Tips

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Clean Or Change Furnace Filters Regularly. Replace disposable filters. Wash, brush or vacuum permanent filters. Check The Exhaust Vent From The Furnace. Clear obstructions such as leaves or animal nests from the vent pipe. Keep roof exhaust vents clear of snow. Inspect The Blower Motor With The Power Off. Vacuum any accumulated dirt. If the owner’s manual calls for it,… Read More »Furnace Safety Tips

Invest in Security Cameras

Authorities say a central New York convenience store’s surveillance cameras caught a man purposely pouring soda on the floor and then faking a fall so he could file an insurance claim against the business. Insurance fraud investigators say the store’s security videotape shows Barnes pouring soda on the floor. Officials say “injured” filed a claim with the stores insurer and later… Read More »Invest in Security Cameras

Business Owners Guide on Cyberthreats

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday released a guide to help business owners and managers identify cyberthreats, as well as adopt solutions to reduce threats and increase network security. “Internet Security Essentials for Business,” released by the chamber at its National Cybersecurity Awareness Month meeting in Washington, is aimed at educating businesses about common threats they face online, specifically… Read More »Business Owners Guide on Cyberthreats

You’ve Been Served, Brazoria County, TX

The Texas Supreme Court has determined that a lawsuit filed against a “governmental unit” within six months of an incident can be regarded as sufficient notice under the Texas Tort Claims Act. The high court’s ruling reverses the dismissal by the Court of Appeals for the 14th District of Texas of a suit against a Texas county. The case was… Read More »You’ve Been Served, Brazoria County, TX

Zurich Settles Half a Billion Claim

Zurich Financial Services Ltd. and its Farmers Group Inc. subsidiary are paying $455 million to settle a class-action lawsuit challenging management service fees paid to Farmers, Zurich said Thursday. Law suite details you can read on your own – Google is your friend. We just want to point to your attention that Zurich and Farmers Group “do not accept that there… Read More »Zurich Settles Half a Billion Claim

Beware of Negligent Auditing

Recently, I was stalled by the Whole Foods cash register operator, who first asked me whether I have cold and hot deli in one box. As I said yes, he said, I will have to charge you tax on the whole purchase, because we’ve recently been audited and auditors found that we owe large on improper deli taxation. Vitesse Semiconductor… Read More »Beware of Negligent Auditing