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Possible accidents:

  • Fire occurs due to outdated or old wiring damaging both the building your business owns and some of your equipment inside
  • A roof leak causes significant damage to the goods in your warehouse
  • Computers and media equipment are stolen from your place of business over the weekend
How can I protect my building/premises, equipment, and materials from water damage and fires? The following questions point out basic building maintenance and fire prevention controls that should be in place:
  1. Is the building’s exterior structure, including all equipment, in good condition?
  2. Are drain pipes, signs, tanks, fences, canopies, etc. secured?
  3. Is the roof covering free of leaks?
  4. Is the roof drainage adequate?
  5. Has the potential for snow/ice/water accumulation on the roof been considered?
  6. Is the plumbing system properly installed and adequate?
  7. Are water supply lines and connections for equipment leak-free and in good condition?
  8. Is the building’s interior structure, including equipment, in good condition?
  9. Is the electrical system adequate and up to date?
  10. Has the electrical system been upgraded to accommodate new equipment and increased use?
  11. Is the heating and air conditioning system properly maintained and safely located?
  12. Are all combustibles and flammables stored properly?
  13. Is all refuse removed daily?
  14. Are “no smoking” rules established and enforced?
  15. Are electrical extension cords, tools and appliances safely used?
  16. Are fire protection devices (extinguishers, etc.) and sprinklers properly installed, maintained, tested, and free of obstruction?
  17. Is high-value equipment protected?
  18. Are smoke alarms in use, and maintained and tested regularly?
  19. Are your employees trained to respond quickly and correctly when they smell smoke or see a fire?
  20. Are valuable assets segregated (preferably to other facilities) so that a fire or flood would not wipe out all your major assets?
How can I protect by business from theft? The following questions point out basic security controls that should be in place:
  1. Are adequate devices installed to control unauthorized entry onto the premises?
  2. Do you have a burglar alarm that reports to a central station or a constantly attended monitoring facility?
  3. Do you have adequate fencing and gates around the building and parking areas?
  4. Is there adequate exterior and interior lighting?
  5. Do you have adequate door and window locks?
  6. Is access to premises controlled by physical barriers and surveillance?
  7. Do you require the use of company ID badges?
  8. Do you have appropriate visitor sign-in, badges and escort procedures?
  9. Are check-in and check-out procedures effective in controlling independent contractors and trades people?
  10. Do you have an inventory control system in place?