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Smoke and heat detection systems inspection, testing and maintenance

Smoke and Heat Detection Introduction

This article focuses on inspection, testing and maintenance (ITM) requirements for smoke and heat detection systems. Fire detection systems can provide early detection and notification of a fire emergency; therefore, it is essential that they are maintained appropriately.

This article also assumes that the smoke and heat detection systems are UL Listed or FM Approved systems and have been properly installed by reputable, certified, alarm system contractors. ITM programs cannot overcome poor system design or installation deficiencies.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard 72, National Fire Alarm Code, is the recognized standard for ITM of fire alarm equipment. For complete information on ITM of devices other than smoke and heat detectors covered within this bulletin, refer to NFPA 72, your equipment manufacturers operational/ maintenance manual or your Risk Control consultant.

This blog post is intended to familiarize building owners and/or persons responsible for fire detection systems about the necessary ITM of smoke and heat detectors. It is also intended as a guide on how to conduct ITM, ITM frequencies, and potential consequences for not having an ITM program for detection systems.

Smoke and heat detector differences
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