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Tech Support Scam

Tech Support ScamLast year we warned you about a tech support scam that was going around. Scammers were contacting people by phone pretending to be from major companies like Microsoft. They would then remotely access the victim’s computer, stealing information and charging for their “services”. While this scam was scary, we recently learned of a new variation on the tech support scam that is even trickier and that has the potential to claim many more victims. Be on the lookout for this scam and never share your financial information or computer login credentials with an unknown caller.

The Scam

This scam is a follow up to the tech support scam we saw in 2012 and 2013. This time the callers will ask if you’ve recently received tech support. They claim that if you received services you could possibly receive a refund. There are several variations to this scam, including ones where they offer to refund those that were unsatisfied and ones where they claim the company is going out of business and refunding those that have already paid.

The scammer claims they need bank account or credit card information to process the claim. They may ask for remote access to your computer, possibly under the guise of helping you fill out paperwork. This scam has the potential to create double the trouble for those who fell victim to the last scam, as well as reaching new victims.

Avoiding this Scam

Don’t fall victim to this scam or ones like it. If you have paid for phony tech support services, file a complaint with FTC and dispute the charges with your credit card company. Legitimate companies will not call and offer to reverse the charges for you. Never provide your bank account or credit card information to an unsolicited caller.