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Lightning Protection Inspection Program

he Missouri-based Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is implementing an independent inspection program designed to perform on-site lightning protection inspections.

LPI is a not-for-profit group founded in 1955 to promote lightning safety. The organization provides a certification program in lightning protection installation, design and inspection and offers a list of certified contractors across.

The group says that lightning is the most frequently experienced weather peril, and its destructive electricity is responsible for billions of dollars in losses to homes and businesses in the U.S.

Lightning protection systems can protect commercial, industrial and residential structures, but the groups say it’s important that there are quality control guidelines to ensure systems comply with national installation safety standards.

The group’s new Lightning Inspection Program promises on-site lightning protection system inspection services, along with follow-up inspection reports and certifications for systems that comply with national safety standards. Three types of inspections will be available under the service; each with its own fee structure. LPI-IP certificates will carry a three-year expiration date.

The program is designed to serve what the group says is a growing industry need for a comprehensive third party inspections.

Fees for the inspection program range from $575-$1575 for LPI members. Services are also available to non-LPI members, but at higher rates. Presently operating in its pilot stage, the inspection program is expected to begin accepting applications in April 2011.

More information is available on the LPI-IP website