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How to Protect Your Collectibles

If you’re into collecting cool stuff, then you need to make sure your collection stays safe and protected. Whether you collect comics, toys, or jewelry, it’s important to take steps to keep your collectibles in good condition. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Art and Antiques: Handle art carefully using gloves and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or too much moisture. You can store it in a glass display case or plastic bin, and have it framed to keep it safe.

Classic and Exotic Cars: Make sure your car collection is well-stored, has all the right papers, and is insured and photographed. Do research on the history of the car to keep it in good condition.

Jewelry and Watches: Keep your jewelry and watches in a dry place, and separate them so the metal doesn’t touch. Clean them professionally every once in a while.

Handbags: Store handbags in a pouch with silica packages, and keep them dry and away from sunlight. Once you have 9 or more, you’ve got a collection!

Sneakers: Store sneakers in a cool, dry place, like their original box or wrapped in saran wrap. Keep your collection dry and away from moisture.

Video Games: Store video games in their original boxes or plastic protectors, and keep them dry and away from dust, moisture, and sunlight.

Musical Collectibles: Clean musical instruments properly, and store them in their case to keep them safe. Other music collectibles like ticket stubs, t-shirts, and posters can also be stored in a dry, safe place.

Toys: Keep your toy collection in its original packaging and away from direct UV light and moisture. Store them in plastic containers if you need to.

Comics and Graphic Novels: Keep your comics and graphic novels in bags or sleeves made of polypropylene or polyethylene, and store them somewhere dry and away from moisture.

Coins and Stamps: Clean coins professionally to restore their shine, but be careful not to damage stamps. Keep them in a dry, safe place away from sunlight.


Collectibles insurance is a specialized coverage option that protects your valuable possessions from damage or loss. Unlike personal property coverage, collectibles insurance is considered scheduled property coverage, meaning that it is optional and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

When considering collectibles insurance, it is important to understand the concept of agreed value. This means that each item in your collection will have an agreed-upon value, which will be used to determine the amount of coverage provided.

Before selecting a collectibles insurance policy, it is crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand what you are signing up for. Factors such as automatic coverage for new additions to your collection and broad coverage options as your collection grows should also be considered.

Documentation of your collection is also important, and it is recommended to keep a detailed inventory, receipts of ownership, photographs, and any relevant documentation in a secure off-site location or in digital storage. When adding new items to your collection, be sure to notify your insurance company.

The premium you pay for collectibles insurance may be influenced by various factors, including the presence of deadbolt locks, monitored burglar and fire alarms, the age and type of construction of your home, and the location, where the collectibles are stored.

In the event that something happens to your collection, it is essential to know how to file a claim with your insurance company. It is recommended to discuss the process with your insurance agent ahead of time to ensure that you are prepared.

Whether you collect items as a hobby or an investment, it is important to protect your valuables by keeping them clean, stored safely, and insured through a reputable collectibles insurance provider.

And that’s a wrap! Just remember, whether you collect for fun or as an investment, it’s essential to keep your collectibles safe and protected. Happy collecting!