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Marital Status and Personal Insurance

Your particular insurance needs depend, in part, on who you live with and your relationship to them. Most changes to your relationship status will warrant an insurance policy update. If you don’t update that information, your insurance company may have incomplete information about who’s sharing your home or your car, and you may have too little or too much coverage. Insurance Needs for Single or… Read More »Marital Status and Personal Insurance

Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Denial of Commercial General Liability Coverage (CGL) coverage for certain types of property damage claims made against contractors or other repair or service business frequently cite exclusions j. (5) and j. (6), or as Randy Maniloff1  has named these exclusions, the “double js.” Put another way, these exclusions are appropriately labeled “double js” because if an insurer is citing one… Read More »Commercial General Liability Exclusions j. (5) and j. (6) Are Not the Same

Catalytic Converter and Insurance

First of all, both your personal auto insurance and business auto insurance cover the damage to your autos with a theft of catalytic converter, as long as you have full coverage. You should open a claim an the payment will be processed with comprehensive part of your insurance policy.  You’ll likely need to pay your deductible. Thieves have targeted catalytic… Read More »Catalytic Converter and Insurance

Explaining Employers Liability Exclusion

  • EPLI

Even when you follow all the necessary safety guidelines and precautions, accidents and worker injuries can happen on a construction jobsite. And when you have numerous sub-contractors involved, who is held liable for paying worker injury claims can get complicated quickly. This article details how the Employers’ Liability exclusion works in a Commercial General Liability policy through a hypothetical claims… Read More »Explaining Employers Liability Exclusion

Roof Maintenance and Inspection (What to Look For)

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is to wait until they see a leak inside their home before checking out their roof. After all, why look for trouble, right? Unfortunately, avoiding home maintenance in this manner could cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Roof maintenance should be done each spring and fall and after any major storm that could damage it. Depending on the type of roof you have and your ability to access it, you may want to consider hiring a roof inspector to avoid personal injury.

Roof Styles

As you might expect, different types of styles and materials are popular in various regions because of architectural tastes and weather patterns. Among the most popular styles are:Read More »Roof Maintenance and Inspection (What to Look For)

5 Things You Need To Know About the Home Office Deduction

Let’s talk about the home office deduction. People ask me about it all the time. “Can I take it?” “Do I qualify?” “Will it increase my chances of getting audited?” All of these are reasonable questions—particularly nowadays, when the numbers of mico-businesses, home-based entrepreneurs, remote workers, work-from-home employees, and freelancers have grown so much over the past few years.

Here’s the answer, in a nutshell: The home office deduction is perfectly legitimate and you should absolutely consider it. Here are some important facts about this deduction—all sourced from the IRS’ summaryPublication 587 (Business Use of Your Home) and Form 8829 (Expenses for Business Use of Your Home). Of course, you should also check with your accountant.

Number 1: To even consider getting the deduction, a part of your home has to be your principal place of business. Read More »5 Things You Need To Know About the Home Office Deduction

Product Recall Insurance for Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesalers

Licensed attorney and insurance broker Diana Motseniat talks about the product recall insurance. We offer Product Recall coverage in multiple states of the USA. To get a quote complete this application: Learn more about Product Recall: [tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”5LTC5UdYQe0″]      

Video: Who is Covered and What is Provided by Workers Compensation Insurance

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In this video a licensed CA attorney Diana Motseniat is talking about workers compensation insurance coverage, benefits, premium, discounts and experience modification. To get your work comp. insurance quote visit or call 877-239-0067. FAQ about Workers Comp Audits: The History of Workers Compensation Insurance: Workers Comp Insurance Premium Audit in 4 Easy Steps: Answers to Common… Read More »Video: Who is Covered and What is Provided by Workers Compensation Insurance

Working from Home Office

Working from Home OfficeWorking from home can be extremely rewarding for many businesses and industries like technology, consulting, mobile services (glass replacement, auto detail, construction), real estate, and many more… but it has its distractions. Here are some things we suggest when working out of your home:

1. Don’t use your workspace for non-business activities.Read More »Working from Home Office