Have you ever got a ticket because you did’t have the proof your current insurance coverage (ID card) with you? Well, good news for residents of 7 U.S. states.

As of today – August 6, 2012, 7 states have passed Electronic Proof of Insurance Laws.

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota

Mississippi and Maryland have a version of these laws before their state Assemblies.

A Great Step Forward for You

These laws all make an electronic image of the paper copy of a Proof of Insurance card a legal proof of insurance.  Louisiania’s wording is typical… ” an image of the card or similar documents capable of being displayed on a mobile electronic device”.

No Right to View Other Content

If only a picture is needed, then you can always just take your phone and take a picture of your Proof of Insurance Card setting on a desk or counter top. Just be careful and think twice before letting the police officer look at all the other pictures in your photo gallery while you (or policeman) try and find the one your took of your Proof of Insurance.

All of the laws include language making it clear that the police officer has no right to view any other material on the mobile device or that the action of showing your Proof of Insurance on your mobile device is not permission to provide any other access to your mobile device. Here is the California wording:  “For the purposes of this section, when a person provides evidence of financial responsibility using a mobile electronic device to a peace officer, the peace officer shall only view the evidence of financial responsibility and is prohibited from viewing any other content on the mobile electronic device.”

Important P.S.: For those who travel interstate, don’t forget to take the hard copy of your insurance ID card, as it may appear that in other states electronic proof of insurance is not yet been implemented and actual card may be required.

And the last thing: get instant multiple personal and commercial insurance quotes, compare pricing and coverage from leading carriers and receive images of ID cards upon policy binding instantly.