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5 Risks Every School Has

…and how to lower it.

1. Harassment and Bullying Spark More Lawsuits

All school personnel should receive misconduct alertness training so they can spot the signs of abuse and intervene early.
Anonymous reporting tools can also help drive earlier intervention.

2. Title IX Expansion Increases Due Process Liability.
Title IX is a law that was meant to bar discrimination based on sex in educational program activities and athletics that received Federal financial assistance.

Higher ed institutions should have a Title IX adviser on staff who understands the law and can advise schools on the best course of action to take when a complaint is filed.Read More »5 Risks Every School Has

Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios from $150/yr.

Insurance for personal trainers and fitness studios is specifically designed to meet the unique insurance needs of Fitness Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Spinning Instructors, Dance Instructors, Martial Arts Teachers, Pilates Instructors, and many more categories of fitness instruction without any restriction of age or gender of your students. Abuse and Molestation – INCLUDED!

The Fitness and Wellness Insurance program for Fitness Studios covers many types of studios including Aerobics, Exercise, Spinning, Fitness Training, Strength Training, and Pilates Studios with equipment. It also covers activities such as weightlifting, swimming, saunas, tanning booths, sport courts and group exercise. Dance Studios are eligible under Performing Arts.

Coverage available for:Read More »Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios from $150/yr.

What insurance do dental labs really need?

What insurance do labs really need? In this short article we provide answers to some of the most common insurance related questions. Today dental lab owners and lab technicians can be sued. But it is never late to give your business insurance a check-up and determine the type of liability insurance you need to have and then to make sure… Read More »What insurance do dental labs really need?

Best upgrades Hiscox issuer credit rating

A.M. Best Europe-Rating Services Ltd. has upgraded its issuer credit rating to a+ from a for several units of Hiscox. Citing the financial strength of the parent company, the insurance ratings firm upgraded the ratings of Bermuda-based Hiscox Insurance Co. (Bermuda) Ltd., U.K.-based Hiscox Insurance Co. Ltd. and Guernsey-based Hiscox Insurance Co. (Guernsey) Ltd. Moreover, AMBest credited Hiscox’s consolidated risk-adjusted… Read More »Best upgrades Hiscox issuer credit rating

Accountants Professional Liability Policy

An accountant created a financial statement for a client in which a miscalculation resulted in a $1.2M understatement. The cost to have the error corrected by another firm was $150,000*. If this type of situation occurred with you, would you have the right coverage and a top carrier to help you pay the expenses? With Accountants Professional Liability Policy Accounting Firms can… Read More »Accountants Professional Liability Policy

Sexual Abuse Awareness

No one ever wants a child or client to be harmed. Sometimes, however, we can miss child safety keys and best practices. We suggest that employer will educate himself on effective, efficient, and inexpensive tools one can use to reduce the risk of sexual abuse in his company. In particular, we want to bring your attention to the following topics: The definition… Read More »Sexual Abuse Awareness

Business Insurance Market Update

The hardening insurance marketplace has led to a great deal of success for us in a variety of our niches recently. We continue to develop new products at the same time. Below are several items we wanted to highlight: 1) Apartments / Lessors Risk (Office Exposure – Real estate schedules that generate more than $100,000 in premium in the “better… Read More »Business Insurance Market Update