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April 2021

What’s New with Employment Practices Liability

For the past 30 years, employment practices liability has tracked closely with changing social trends. Today, an employer’s risk of allegations by employees is heighted by both increased public intolerance for harassment and instant, worldwide distribution of news through social media. A Facebook post, Tweet or hashtag can quickly go viral, putting a company on the defense and creating potentially devastating consequences. EPL insurance is more important than ever in this environment. And it is incumbent on insurance professionals to understand the insurance marketplace so they can best help clients manage risk.

10 Surprising Things That Affect Your Home Insurance

Every homeowner hopes to never have to file a home insurance claim, but accidents do happen, and some factors increase the likelihood they will occur. Here are 10 surprising things that can affect the types of claims you might file and how much you pay for home insurance coverage. 1. Your Dog’s Breed Although your canine companion may be a much-loved member of your family, depending on its breed, you may have difficulty getting home insurance. Your homeowner insurance includes liability protection to help you if you are sued by someone whom your dog has bitten or attacked. However, many home insurance… Read More »10 Surprising Things That Affect Your Home Insurance