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December 2020

How Moving Affects Your Auto and Home Insurance

Moving can come with a lot of stress. Not only do you have to figure out moving costs, pack and orchestrate the movers, but you also have to update your address across all relevant forms. Two important things to pay special attention to during this time are your auto insurance and home insurance. No one wants to spend hours getting new insurance quotes or transferring over insurance information, but doing so will protect you, your home, and your vehicle during and after your move. Here, we’ve answered the most common auto and home insurance questions to help cover your bases… Read More »How Moving Affects Your Auto and Home Insurance

5 Reasons Why Private Flood Insurance Is a Better Option than NFIP for You

1.Stability. The NFIP (The National Flood Insurance Program) for years has had significant financial issues and has yet to solve them, with legislators “kicking the can down the road” every time proposed reforms come up. The NFIP is fiscally not sustainable and, despite billions of dollars in prior bailouts, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, it owes $20+ billion to U.S. taxpayers. Private insurers offer the stability and financial strength insureds are looking for in a flood program. 2. More Coverage. NFIP offers a maximum of $250,000 of flood coverage for a structure and $100,000 maximum for contents coverage whereas with… Read More »5 Reasons Why Private Flood Insurance Is a Better Option than NFIP for You

LLC Insurance

What Is LLC Insurance? LLC insurance is short for limited liability company insurance. It helps protect LLCs from different liability claims, like bodily injury or property damage caused by your:  Business Employees Products  Many small businesses register as LLCs. This separates your business assets from your personal belongings. However, it doesn’t protect your business from the various risks it may face. Depending on the industry your business operates in, LLC insurance may be necessary.  What Does LLC Insurance Cover?LLC insurance from The Hartford provides liability coverages to help protect your business from financial losses. You may want to consider two important… Read More »LLC Insurance

Truck Brokers’ Contingent Liability

Designed to protect truck brokers in the event one of their contracted truckers has a coverage issue. Truck and freight brokerage operations need coverage for the exposures presented when their clients’ policies fail to respond. Our Truck Broker Contingent Liability product helps to service this segment of the industry. Coverages Contingent auto Contingent cargo E&O General liability Limits Truck Brokers Up to $5,000,000 – Contingent Auto, GL, Professional (E&O) Up to $250,000 – Contingent Cargo Truck Leasing $1,000,000 – Contingent Auto $100,000 – Off-Lease Physical Damage Availability National Requirements Contingent Brokerage Application: Sample Broker Carrier Agreement List of Motor Carriers… Read More »Truck Brokers’ Contingent Liability

Outdoor Dining Structures Could Put Restaurants at Risk

Hashiri/Facebook A brewery in Michigan recently opened several “craft beer shanties” where customers can be served outside while indoor dining is temporarily restricted statewide. The owner of Brass Ring Brewing in Alger Heights reportedly modeled the enclosed wooden structures after ice fishing shanties and said they can be reserved in 90-minute blocks by groups of four, as long as the guests are from the same household. The restaurant is one of many establishments in the U.S. and Canada building temporary outdoor dining structures in an effort to keep business flowing amid surging COVID-19 cases, new restrictions on indoor dining, and cooling temperatures. The options… Read More »Outdoor Dining Structures Could Put Restaurants at Risk