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October 2020

Best Practices to Recognize & Avoid Cyber Threats

We regularly see the effects of cyber attacks on individuals and businesses, but we also see the value that preventive measures can have in blocking those attacks. That’s why we wanted to share some best practices to help you avoid falling victim to cyber fraud and to call your attention to a rising threat: the business email compromise. Business Email Compromise A business email compromise is when a cyber criminal impersonates a familiar business partner through email. The cyber criminal typically asks for a customer’s payment to be redirected to a new account, and, if the ploy works, the recipient… Read More »Best Practices to Recognize & Avoid Cyber Threats

How Moving Affects Your Auto and Home Insurance

America is on the move. With many employers required or volunteered to offer their employees to work from home and with the telecom availability, people are leaving their more expensive cities and houses, and moving out to cheaper places. In San Francisco, for instance, the exodus is so big, it’s a major news headline every other day with a special vacancy / rent reduction coverage once a week on all media outlets.

Moving can come with a lot of stress. Not only do you have to figure out moving costs, pack and orchestrate the movers, but you also have to update your address across all relevant forms. Two important things to pay special attention to during this time are your auto insurance and home insurance.

No one wants to spend hours getting new insurance quotes or transferring over insurance information, but doing so will protect you, your home, and your vehicle during and after your move. Here, we’ve answered the most common auto and home insurance questions to help cover your bases during your upcoming move.

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