May 2019

Road Safety with Motorcycles

Motorcycle riders or passengers are injured or killed on average every six minutes in the United States every day, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Even though motorcycles account for 0.6% of all vehicle miles in the U.S., they make up 14% of all traffic fatalities. Two main risks More than half of motorcycle accidents occur because a car or… Read More »Road Safety with Motorcycles

D&O Risks to Non-Profits

Non-profits file D&O claims twice as much as for-profits. Learn more about this growing risk and D&O coverage specifically designed to meet the needs of non-profits.

Why D&O Policies are Vital for Non-Profit Organizations

Running one of the 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States is a fulfilling and meaningful experience. It also brings significant risks and loss exposures. Every year, non-profit leaders are exposed to Directors and Officers (D&O) claims made against them and the organizations they manage.

With D&O lawsuits on the rise, more and more non-profit organizations are turning to insurance solutions and obtaining Directors and Officers Liability coverage as part of a Management Liability policy.

At Paperless Insurance Services, we have an extensive background in providing coverage for non-profits.

Understanding Management Liability Insurance

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