March 2019

Insurance for Educational Institutions

For almost 15 years, Paperless Insurance Services agency has offered exceptional and cost-effective insurance solutions for educational institutions. We specialize in Higher Education insurance for colleges and universities with 10,000 or fewer enrolled students and provide excellent insurance products that cover everything from general liability, property, educators legal liability, employment practices liability as well as risk management solutions.

Higher Education insurance is a specialized product with specific coverages designed to protect colleges and universities against the numerous hazards they may face. We offer dedicated insurance packages tailored to fit the needs of our higher education clients. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our coverage.

Do we cover college sporting events?
We offer excellent coverage for college athletic events, provided there are CDC concussion procedures in place at the institution. Contact sports injuries like concussions and traumatic brain injuries are a major issue in higher education, costing colleges millions of dollars every year. Our coverage options include participant accident and student accident insurance to protect college staff members and student-athletes in the event of an incident.

Do we cover extracurricular events?
Yes. Colleges and universities often host extracurricular events both during the academic year and during school breaks. We cover a wide range of these extracurricular activities for our higher education clients.

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