June 2018

25 Best Businesses to Start Right Now

25 Best Businesses to Start Right NowStarting your own business requires a giant leap of faith, and the type of business you open could mean the difference between a dream deferred and a thriving business of your own. Forget the fancy degrees and bank loans — you can now start a profit-generating venture with a WiFi connection and a little seed money.

While launching a new business of your own is risky and requires long hours and sacrifice, you can soon be reaping the benefits of being your own boss and perhaps making more money than in your former 9 to 5. Depending on the economic climate and current trends, certain industries and types of businesses may prove more successful than the 10 worst businesses to start right now.

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Here are 25 small business ideas you can start right now. While they span industries, audiences, and financing, they’re all within reach for someone who’s determined to climb out of their cubicle.

1. Mobile Food Business

Forget the Golden Arches, we’re in the Golden Age of the Food Truck! All across the U.S., families and the hungry lunchtime crowd are flocking to food trucks for fresh, affordable local eats and the fast, convenient dining experience. Born out of a slow economy in the late aughts, when people were hard-pressed for time (longer hours, fewer breaks) and looking for a quick, cheap bite, the mobile-food concept is now more appealing than ever.

Market size has skyrocketed from $615 million in 2012 to $2.7 billion in 2017 — solidifying mobile dining as the fastest growing segment in the food industry. Startup costs are a fraction of opening a restaurant, so if you have a knack for whipping up delicious eats and a desire to keep on trucking, consider meals on wheels as your next venture.Read More »25 Best Businesses to Start Right Now