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August 2017

How to Soften the Risk of Your Home Based Business Being Robbed

Home robberies can be devastating, even more so for people who run a home business. While the average loss during a burglary is over $2,000 dollars, that number can rise if you have a home business due to operation disruptions—especially if you don’t have business insurance. That’s why small business owners should try to minimize the risk of a burglary, and any consequences should one occur. Here are key things to consider.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive, With the Basics

Robberies may seem like something that happens to other people. Because of that, preventive measures—like an alarm system—often aren’t implemented until after a burglary has happened. Don’t wait. A security system should be your top priority, considering that one study found that 60 percent of burglars said alarms lead them to seek other targets.Read More »How to Soften the Risk of Your Home Based Business Being Robbed

Securing vacant properties checklist

Vacant properties face endless security risks, including vandalism and theft, fire hazard, visitor safety and more. Whether you own or manage commercial or residential buildings, securing your vacant building is more important than ever. Download Securing Vacant Properties Checklist for tips and insights to help you plan and prepare for property security threats.

Landlord & Tenants and Waiver of Subrogation

Mitch, aka “the coffee man,” has owned and operated his coffee shop for almost a decade. His shop is located on Market Street and comprises about 900 square feet of leased space in an office building. Mitch is having his attorney, Diana, negotiate the renewal of his five-year lease with the building owner/landlord. Diana has arranged to meet with Mitch… Read More »Landlord & Tenants and Waiver of Subrogation