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December 2016

All Insurance You Need For Your APU Waste Haulers Business Company

You shouldn’t have to wonder about the quality of coverage for your waste hauling business, or whether the program will be around the next time you need to renew. Our team has more than 30 ¬†years of experience in this segment. Serving the industry, this long-standing program is stable even as market availability, in general, may be decreasing.

Our waste haulers program incorporates comprehensive insurance coverage for companies engaged in almost any type of non-hazardous waste service activity, is available on admitted paper with excess coverage up to $10M, and offers competitive rates. Our carriers are A.M. Best Rated A+10 and American-owned.

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Nursing Home Liability

With ample capacity in a nursing home and long-term care liability insurance, competition remains strong among carriers. However, clouds have been gathering on the horizon, with the convergence of three separate events threatening to create a perfect storm in the marketplace.

Increasing Claims

Claim frequency and severity has been climbing for the past several years, with nursing home litigation being one of the fastest-growing areas of health care litigation. In a recently published report on an actuarial analysis of the long-term care sector, it was stated that long-term care frequency is increasing by 5% annually.

Severity is a concern as well. Consider a few mega-claims in the past few years:Read More »Nursing Home Liability