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November 2016

Cyber Deception Coverage

night-owl-man-working-on-computer-at-night-picjumbo-comThe Cyber Deception coverage extension provides coverage for the intentional misleading of the Applicant by means of a dishonest misrepresentation of a material fact contained or conveyed within an electronic or telephonic communication(s) and which is relied upon by the Applicant believing it to be genuine. This is commonly known as “spear-phishing”, CEO Fraud or “social engineering”, which is defined by Wikipedia as “psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.”  In recent years, hackers and cyber-thieves have been developing new techniques to infiltrate insureds’ bank accounts. Early phishing scams were fairly easy to spot: a request from a Nigerian prince or a link purported to take you to your bank’s customer service center were tell-tale signs of suspicious email traffic. It was recommended to never click on the link and delete the email immediately. In response to the masses becoming more aware of these red flags, thieves have countered with more sophisticated attacks.

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11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping

11-tips-for-effective-workplace-housekeepingTo some people, the word “housekeeping” calls to mind cleaning floors and surfaces, removing dust, and organizing clutter.

But in a work setting, it means much more. Housekeeping is crucial to safe workplaces. It can help prevent injuries and improve productivity and morale, as well as make a good first impression on visitor. It also can help an employer avoid potential fines for non-compliance.

The practice extends from traditional offices to industrial workplaces, including factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants that present special challenges such as hazardous materials, combustible dust and other flammables. Experts agree that all workplace safety programs should incorporate housekeeping, and every worker should play a part. In addition, housekeeping should have management’s commitment so workers realize its importance. Here are 11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping.Read More »11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping