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May 2016

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) is often confusing for buyers and insurance brokers alike. The marketplace is characterized by a large number of insurance carriers underwriting this coverage, and each of their forms has different terms, conditions, and most importantly, exclusions. Since an “all risk” D&O policy does not exist, there aren’t obvious perils listed and covered like you might find in a property policy. For that reason, it is normally easier to explain the intent of the coverage as opposed to reading the policy line by line.

D&O: A Brief Overview

Here is an oversimplification of what D&O insurance is supposed to do. Read More »Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

Spring Tune-up for Parks

Spring Tune-up for ParksIt’s time for a spring tune-up of your park. With the return of spring and warmer weather in many parts of the country, parks will soon be the site of baseball games, children’s day camp activities and family outings. Park directors are already planning to have staff prepare parks, playgrounds, ball fields and other outdoor venues for the warm-weather season after months of minimal maintenance.

As park staff begin work on the damage created by winter weather, it’s useful to review injury sources and liability concerns common with parks. The most frequent source of injury is swimming pools and the highest average claim cost is associated with ball field, soccer field or grassy play area injuries.

Park directors are often challenged to prioritize the pre-season maintenance work that must be completed to prepare park areas for public use. Each park director, based on knowledge of the local parks, establishes a work schedule for staff to ensure that the parks will be ready for use.

Spring Maintenance Programs

There are many maintenance items that should be addressed early in the spring. The following lists are excerpted from Travelers Public Sector Services’ Spring Tune-up Program for two areas: ball fields and trails.Read More »Spring Tune-up for Parks