January 2016

Winter Driving Tips

winter-driving-tipsGoing to Tahoe for a weekend? Read these 10 winter driving tips and have a safe journey:

1. Winterize your vehicle Check your battery, front and rear defrosters, fill up the washer fluid and antifreeze, inflate your tires to the correct pressure, and keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid frozen fuel lines.
2. Clear your windshield  Never pour hot water over the windows to melt the ice and snow. This will typically shatter the windshield. Use a plastic scraper to avoid scratching the glass and use the front and rear defrosters to melt the ice. Avoid using your windshield wipers until after all the ice and snow have been removed.
3. Don’t just clear your windshield Don’t forget to clear all of the other windows, as well as the roof, hood, mirrors, headlights and tail lights, license plates and the exhaust pipe. This will prevent accumulated ice and snow from becoming an airborne hazard for other drivers.

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Prepare for El Niño

With peaking El Niño conditions, weather experts are predicting heavier than normal amounts of precipitation for many areas of the Southwestern U.S. We are providing the information below to personal and business insurance customers in California, Arizona and the southern counties of Nevada. For Personal Insurance Customers: Proper maintenance is key. This includes keeping gutters free of debris, ensuring downspouts are… Read More »Prepare for El Niño

How to Soften the Insured vs. Insured Exclusion in Your D&O Policy ​

  • D&O

Insured vs. Insured Exclusion Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance (“D&O”) policies are, according to most carriers who underwrite the coverage, primarily intended to protect senior managers against claims brought by third parties (including investors) who allege they’ve suffered harm as a result of the way the company is being run. Thus, carriers believe, it’s perfectly logical – and even necessary… Read More »How to Soften the Insured vs. Insured Exclusion in Your D&O Policy ​

Insurance for Apartments

Insurance for High Hazard Apartments and CondosCalifornia recently passed legislation that prohibits insurance carriers from considering level or source of income of residential-tenants in the underwriting evaluation of apartment risks.
Therefore, admitted insurance carriers will no longer approve, issue or renew an apartment policy (insurance for apartments) based on information related to a tenant’s level or source of income, including receipt of government subsidies. In the same time, many policyholders are considered to be higher hazard and thus can’t get a decent insurance protection. For example, a high hazard operations for an apartment building would include:Read More »Insurance for Apartments

Prepare RV for Winter to Prevent Claims in Spring

If you have made the decision to end your camping season for the winter, you’ll need to perform some routine preventative maintenance on your RV to avoid expensive repairs in the spring. Depending on where you live, winterization can be done at a local RV dealership for a nominal fee, but many RVers opt to handle these duties themselves. This handy checklist should… Read More »Prepare RV for Winter to Prevent Claims in Spring