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September 2014

Additional Insured Endorsements – After the Work is Done

Additional_Insured_Endorsements_–_After_the_Work_is_DoneAdditional Insured – Completed Operations
How often the general contractor denies “blanket” additional insured, or CG 20 38 Additional Insured-Owners, Lessees or Contractors – Automatic Status for Other Parties When Required in a Written Construction Agreement? The problem is that in the construction contract between the general contractor and subcontractor, the subcontractor may be required to include the general contractor as an additional insured for completed operations coverage for a period of six years after the subcontractor’s work is finished. While the current “blanket” additional insured endorsement CG 20 38 does meet a portion of the insurance requirements – to protect the additional insured for certain bodily injury or property damage claims that take place during the project – the CG 20 38 specifically excludes any bodily injury or property damage that takes place after her customer’s work is finished.

And why in the world would a general contractor want to be an additional insured six years after the subs work is finished? Let’s review an example that shows the rationale behind completed operations coverage for an additional insured.

Example: A general contractor has been hired to remodel a building. Much of the work, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and site preparation, is completed by trade subcontractors hired by the general contractor. Eight months after the building has been completed by the general contractor and put to use as an office space, a small fire breaks out in the mechanical room, injuring two workers of the office. When it is determined that the fire was the result of sloppy electrical work, the general contractor is sued by the injured people for bodily injury.

Additional Insured – Completed Operations CG2037
On the other hand, if the electrical subcontractor had listed the general contractor as an additional insured on its policy using CG2037 – Additional Insured – Owners, Lessees or Contractors – Completed Operations, the general contractor would have been covered as an additional insured by the electrical contractor’s CGL policy, provided the electrical contractor’s acts or omissions, at least in part, caused the bodily injury to the workers.Read More »Additional Insured Endorsements – After the Work is Done

Someone has to be responsible…

Butterfly EffectOften times our prospective clients tell: – “I wouldn’t worry about this…” or “I wouldn’t worry about that particular issue with my coverage… How likely people are going to sue me for something I should not be responsible for?”

Well, our answer is something most people are not going to like:

– In United States of America everyone with a slightest chance your operations/negligence/products have something to do with the accident or claim that occurred is to be found responsible.

For example,

Read More »Someone has to be responsible…

How to Assess Your Home Insurance Policy

How to Assess Your Home Insurance PolicyThe best, easiest and most practical way to asses your homeowners (condo-, renters) insurance policy is to ask your insurance agent about it. We are trained to provide professional review and advise. We have access on special industry certified tools, that can calculate the replacement cost of your dwelling and personal property.
But, if that’s not enough or you prefer to be a solo warrior on the insurance field, the following should help to you asses your home insurance policy.

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Anatomy Of Effective Craigslist Advertising

Your_ad_on_CraigslistWhen it comes to affordable advertising, your local Craigslist site has the potential to give you plenty of bang for your buck. In fact, many service oriented businesses depend almost entirely on the classified site for business. It’s free, it’s easy to update, and, for many businesses, it works for generating leads.
Like all aspects of your overall advertising plan, Craigslist marketing requires some forethought and strategy. That said, it shouldn’t be very time-consuming if done correctly: you can spend as low as 15 minutes a week on your Craigslist campaign.

Anatomy Of Effective Craigslist Advertising

Your Craigslist advertisement should include the following:Read More »Anatomy Of Effective Craigslist Advertising

Why Californians Aren’t Buying Earthquake Insurance?

San Francisco Earthquake No doubt after last earthquake near Napa, you’ve purchased or restocked your emergency kits, and rehearsed with friends and family what the plan is if another big one hits. And then, there’s earthquake insurance, or probably not. Most Californians if they’ve looked into it have already determined earthquake insurance is far too expensive for what they’re likely to get in return. According to Amy Bach, an executive director and co-founder of United Policyholders, a San Francisco based nonprofit that advocates for insurance consumers, people often go on rumors, and there is a lot of misinformation out there about earthquake insurance in general. Including in the agent/broker community. Now there’s a lot of folks out there selling it that really don’t know about all the options.Read More »Why Californians Aren’t Buying Earthquake Insurance?