May 2014

TRIA Bill Renewal in June

According to congressman Randy Neugebauer, Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, the Members on the Majority side of the Committee are to unveil a draft outline that would reauthorize TRIA, but also modernize and reform the Program. They are working with Members over the next two weeks to finalize that draft. I will also sit down with our Ranking member to solicit his feedback with the hopes of working on a bipartisan basis. From there we plan to release a draft bill with the intention of holding a mark-up in June.Read More »TRIA Bill Renewal in June

AirCare – New Travel Insurance by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

pack travel insuranceRight in time for the vacation season, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, has launched the first product in its new travel insurance line designed for travelers, travel agencies, tour operators and travel suppliers called AirCare.

AirCare is a fixed-benefit flight protection coverage available up to one hour before flight departure.

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Environmental Claims Part 2: Examples that Can Lead to a Loss

In first part of this article series, we described claims scenarios that can result from your known and unknown environmental exposures. Because it’s often difficult to know when an environmental coverage is necessary, we’ve compiled a list of leading questions that will help you consider your environmental exposure.

For Contracting, Consulting and Transportation Risks

  • Do you ever have any contracts that ask for contractors’ pollution liability coverage? How have you responded to those requirements?
  • Do you think there could be any additional jobs available to you if you carried this kind of coverage?
  • Do you ever do any digging or excavation? What would happen if you hit an unknown pipeline or storage tank?
  • Do you ever do any work around/consult on the removal or testing of lead paint or asbestos? What would happen if you didn’t remove it all or dispose of it correctly? Are you involved in any way with Indoor Air Quality Testing?
  • Do you ever do any work around or provide consultation about hazardous materials? What about the transport/permitting of hazardous materials?
  • Do you ever haul or have you ever hauled any soils or other material?
  • Do you ever arrange for the disposal of any hazardous material?

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