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February 2014

Every Construction Business has Pollution Liability Exposures

Contractors face pollution risks on the job site daily. In an instant, these can damage property, impact lives and mar company reputations earned through years of quality performance.
An inadequately insured contractor can experience severe financial hardship in the event a claim is made or a suit is filed.
Pollution liability exposures can include:

  • Air exposures, e.g., dust and fumes, emissions from mobile equipment, fly ash, fungi or bacteria and more
  • Surface water exposures, e.g., construction site spill and runoff, asphalt sealants, truck/vehicle-washing runoff and more
  • Ground water and soil exposures, e.g., additives/stabilizer to concrete and soil, underground pipe leakage, damage to under- or above-ground storage or oil-containing utilities and moreRead More »Every Construction Business has Pollution Liability Exposures

Small Businesses Must Prep for Flu Season

For small businesses, productivity and operations can be negatively affected by the flu as employees stay home, or are urged to stay home, to limit the threat of spreading flu to others. In order to help reduce the potential spread of the flu virus and maintain business operations, small business owners should develop a comprehensive flu contingency plan before the start of flu season to minimize the impact of illness on their bottom lines.

Below are five elements to consider:

1. Educate employees on steps to help reduce the spread of the flu.

Small businesses should develop a short document that educates employees on how the flu virus is spread and circulate it widely. Below are a few items to include:

  • Flu viruses spread in respiratory droplets through person-to-person or other close contact.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough to help prevent spreading of the virus.
  • If you are around people who are sick, avoid close contact to reduce the chance of getting their illness.
  • Keep your hands clean, washing them regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth because they are entry points into your body for germs.

Read More »Small Businesses Must Prep for Flu Season

Working from Home Office

Working from Home OfficeWorking from home can be extremely rewarding for many businesses and industries like technology, consulting, mobile services (glass replacement, auto detail, construction), real estate, and many more… but it has its distractions. Here are some things we suggest when working out of your home:

1. Don’t use your workspace for non-business activities.Read More »Working from Home Office

Running of the Bulls Ok’d in California City

Southern California city has announced plans to host a Pamplona-style bull run, months after a neighboring town nixed the event because of safety concerns. The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported the Golden State edition of the Great Bull Run will be held at the Temecula Downs Event Center on June 21. The organizers held two bull runs last year in Virginia and Georgia. The spectacles mirror the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, where people run in front of a herd of toros let loose in the streets. Organizers say they toned down the U.S. versions by creating escape routes… Read More »Running of the Bulls Ok’d in California City

Is Your Child Increasing Your ID Theft Risk?

child safety, id protection, identity theft protection, online safetyWe’ve talked a lot about protecting your kids from identity theft. Have you ever considered the impact your kids might have on YOUR credit score? Children and teens use the internet a lot and if they aren’t careful they could potentially expose people in your house to identity theft. Teach your kids how to stay safe online. This important lesson won’t just protect them, but will protect your identity as well.

To keep your identity safe and teach your kids good online behavior, make sure they understand these essential internet safety rules:Read More »Is Your Child Increasing Your ID Theft Risk?

Tech Support Scam

Tech Support ScamLast year we warned you about a tech support scam that was going around. Scammers were contacting people by phone pretending to be from major companies like Microsoft. They would then remotely access the victim’s computer, stealing information and charging for their “services”. While this scam was scary, we recently learned of a new variation on the tech support scam that is even trickier and that has the potential to claim many more victims. Be on the lookout for this scam and never share your financial information or computer login credentials with an unknown caller.Read More »Tech Support Scam