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July 2013


This video presents an overview of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (BW12). It relates the current changes to the original 1968 Act and subsequent reforms enacted by Congress over the past 45 years. The main goals of BW12 are discussed as well as specific changes taking place in 2013. Finally, the future impact of the legislation is introduced. FULL VERSION (18:56) Getting To Know Flood Reform. Or watch the video in three parts… Getting to Know Flood Reform – Part 1 of 3 (8:43) Part 1 introduces the NFIP – the Program’s history and how it operates.… Read More »NEW FLOOD INSURANCE REFORMS

Webinar: Ergonomic Controls – Don’t Design for the Average

ergonomic workstationRISK CONTROL WEBINAR
Are there job tasks at your company that create ergonomic risk for your employees?
Ergonomic assessments can be instrumental in identifying risk factors in the jobs or tasks that your employees are performing. But simply conducting an assessment of the job or task is not enough. Determining the root cause and implementing solutions to control identified musculoskeletal risk factors should be the focus of your improvement process. Solutions can take many forms — adding a mechanical device to help the worker, redesigning the layout of the work space or implementing a best practice or technique to improve how a task is done.
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How to Choose Insurance for Every Life Stage

In this article, insurance experts, including Travelers Personal Insurance Vice President Elaine Baisden, recommend reviewing your policies annually and whenever you experience a life event, such as attending college, making a major purchase like a car or new home, getting married, having a child, changing jobs, renovating a home, or caring for an elderly parent. Download this article

Travelers Introduces TravPay

TravPay Header BannerTravPay:

  • is a pay-as-you-go solution for your business to link your payroll directly to your workers compensation premiums, eliminating the guesswork of trying to estimate annual payrolls.
  • allows for real-time workers compensation premium calculations based on your reported payrolls.
  • requires no down payment and can help improve cash flow for your business.
  • is a FREE billing option available exclusively for Travelers business customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Confident that your ocean cargo exposures are covered

At Paperless we have partnered up with leading insurance companies to provide extensive ocean cargo coverage for importers and exporters. With automatic “all risks”* coverage for new merchandise – and numerous policy extensions at no extra charge – Travelers Cargo Elite policy gives you the ability to buy and sell internationally with confidence. And when you combine ocean cargo with other lines of property and casualty coverage placed with Travelers, you’ll be better able to evaluate a wide range of transportation exposures and secure the streamlined insurance solutions you need. But as complexity increases, finding the right coverage can be a real… Read More »Confident that your ocean cargo exposures are covered