June 2013

Faulty Workmanship Coverage Endorsement

What is the Faulty Workmanship Coverage Endorsement? Contractors Faulty Workmanship Coverage is a new and unique endorsement that provides a $10,000 limit to protect your clients against claims arising out of faulty workmanship, materials or products. These claims would otherwise be excluded by the “business risk” exclusions found in every standard ISO Commercial General Liability policy. In states that require… Read More »Faulty Workmanship Coverage Endorsement

Private Choice Ovation – Comprehensive Insurance Protection

Today’s complex economic, regulatory and legal climate leaves little margin for error in running a business. Do you have the necessary comprehensive insurance protection needed to defend against all of the exposures you can face running a business in this environment? Paperless Insurance Services in partnership with A+ rated Hartford Insurance Company is excited to introduce Private Choice OvationSM (Ovation), a new and… Read More »Private Choice Ovation – Comprehensive Insurance Protection