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January 2013

The Next Insurance Storm is in The Cloud

Interesting article about cyber liability insurance and exposures on National Insurance Law Forum: The highest profile cyber incidents – such as major data breaches at Sony, Zappos, Global Payments, and Nationwide Insurance, and the disruption to Netflix’s service on Christmas Eve due to problems with Amazon’s cloud service – may dominate the news, but the bigger issue is just how pervasive such problems are. Every company that uses computing and networking technologies faces a variety of potential cyber liabilities, including: repair, restoration, or replacement of data or services; notification of affected customers of a data breach… Read full article

California Relaxes Laws so Entrepreneurs Can Sell Homemade Food

AB 1616 or the California Homemade Food Law relaxes the rules around community-based food production in private kitchens, provided certain regulations are met. California is taking its lead from 32 other states that have already passed similar legislation. If you want to sell you homemade food you most likely want to acquire an insurance policy that would cover such exposures (general and product liability) and operations (3rd party liability, kitchen coverage etc). Get instant insurance quotes online and compare coverage at

Technology E&O coverage

Computer Related Services. Miscellaneous E&O. $500 Minimum Premium. Classes We Consider: Data Processing Help Desk Services Network Management Services Software Development Systems Integrators Web Page Design Web Presence Consulting Database Administration Internet Access Provider Programming Application Service Provider System Analysis & Design Computer Skills Training Web Page Hosting …and many more! Call us 877-239-0067 for a competitive quote today!

Loss Control: Electrical Power Strips

The problem: With today’s heavy use of electrical devices, it is quite common to run short of electrical outlets in the office, home or workshop. Add a power strip to help alleviate the problem, but often people will add a second or even a third strip by plugging it into the original power strip, a practice known as daisy chaining. Unfortunately, daisy chaining can create a potentially serious fire loss due to overloaded electrical circuits. Every year thousands of fires result from the misuse and overloading of power cords, power strips and surge protectors. The NFPA – National Fire Protection… Read More »Loss Control: Electrical Power Strips

One Person, One Focus

Studies done by psychologists have discovered that the human race isn’t built to multi-task (surprise, surprise!). The human brain is designed to focus. Heck. Even Superman can’t do several items at once. Have you ever seen him when he has to decide who to save first? Even Superman can’t be at two places at once! Sure. It feels efficient to when you’re doing 50 things at the same time and you may even brag that you’re great at it but guess what… it’s bound to bite you in the butt. Doing everything on your to do list at the same… Read More »One Person, One Focus