November 2012

U.S. Releases New Health Insurance Reform Rules

The U.S. administration proposed new health insurance rules aimed at ending discrimination against the sick and guaranteeing minimum benefits for millions of Americans who are expected to obtain coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law. The rules, unveiled by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, provide states and insurers with details about how the Obama administration intends to… Read More »U.S. Releases New Health Insurance Reform Rules

Ensure Your Inventory is On Time

1. Perfect your plan Every savvy shopper has a plan for buying the perfect gifts. Do you have a plan for making sure those must-have gifts are available on your shelves throughout the shopping season? Now is the time to know which products will be in big demand and plan your holiday sales strategy so those key items are available.… Read More »Ensure Your Inventory is On Time

Smart Hiring Practices

In preparation for the holiday shopping season, you may find yourself in need of hiring additional staff.  A poor hiring decision can create financial and operational problems as well as expose a business to a variety of risks.  The estimated cost of a poor hiring decision varies, but research indicates on average, an organization is likely to lose 2 1/2 times the amount… Read More »Smart Hiring Practices

Identity Theft Risks After an Auto Accident

Each year, millions of Americans become victims of a car crash that causes mess on their day (and often their body and vehicle.) Auto accidents are stressful situations that can lead us to reveal more of our personal information to strangers than necessary. Even small fender benders can cause long-term pain if a friendly exchange of info leads to a… Read More »Identity Theft Risks After an Auto Accident