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October 2012

Accountants Professional Liability Policy

An accountant created a financial statement for a client in which a miscalculation resulted in a $1.2M understatement. The cost to have the error corrected by another firm was $150,000*. If this type of situation occurred with you, would you have the right coverage and a top carrier to help you pay the expenses? With Accountants Professional Liability Policy Accounting Firms can… Read More »Accountants Professional Liability Policy

Booster Seats Safety Improved in 2012

Fifteen of 17 booster seats introduced in 2012 earn the top rating of BEST BET from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, evidence that more than ever, manufacturers are designing seats to provide good safety belt fit for booster-age children.

The improvements mean that BEST BET boosters now outnumber seats in any of the three other categories for the first time since the Institute released its inaugural booster ratings in 2008. Boosters are supposed to improve how adult lap and shoulder belts fit children so the belts can properly restrain them in crashes. BEST BET boosters correctly position belts on a typical 4-to-8-year-old child in almost any car, minivan or SUV.

“Booster manufacturers have risen to the Institute’s challenge to improve seat design, giving parents more choices than ever when shopping for a booster that will provide a good, safe fit for their children,” says Anne McCartt, Institute senior vice president for research.Read More »Booster Seats Safety Improved in 2012

How to Protect Against Identity Theft in College

By Menachem Wecker In interviews ahead of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which runs through the end of October, cyber security experts—both here and abroad—said identity theft is a serious problem, which may require extra vigilance on college campuses. Identity theft can mean anything from users’ online bank accounts being compromised to their E-mail accounts being hacked and used to… Read More »How to Protect Against Identity Theft in College

How to respond to fraud with my Facebook account

Step 1: secure your account. Choose a password that is the same strength as one you would choose for online banking (but don’t use the same password). Having a strong password will help prevent someone from hacking into your account. Step 2: take precautions with where you access your account. If using a mobile phone, free network, or an unsecured… Read More »How to respond to fraud with my Facebook account

The Danger of Distracted Walking

Okay, we have said enough about the distracted driving. The cell phone use laws being adopted by the U.S. states are describing how and when the mobile phones can be used while driving. But what about pedestrians distracted with their smartphones? Can we blame them for major increase of fatal accidents involving pedestrians? Apparently yes. According to a recent report from the U.S. Department… Read More »The Danger of Distracted Walking

Study lists top 10 consumer criticisms of insurance companies

For P&C, the top 10 criticisms are: Failure to acknowledge, to pay, or deny claims within specified time frames Using unapproved forms, unfiled rates and/or misapplication of rating factors Failure to cancel policies or non-renew policies in accordance with requirements Failure to provide required compliant disclosures in underwriting processes Failure to process total loss claims properly Failure to provide required… Read More »Study lists top 10 consumer criticisms of insurance companies

Protection for Water and Sewer Districts

Serving the public is a serious, round-the-clock responsibility. It’s your job to protect, plan for, and serve the needs of your community as it grows. And it’s our job to protect you with thoughtfully designed, tailored insurance coverages. Our dedicated underwriting, claims and risk control teams work specifically with water and sewer districts and can provide you with one source for your insurance and risk management needs.


• Training modules for unique risks such as flagging/traffic control
• Risk control specialists to assist in analyzing digging sites for pipe-laying hazards
• Coverage available for failure-to-supply services and sewer back-up liability
• Utilization of immunities and tort caps where applicable
• Coverage for members of boards, commissions and sewer authorities


• Co-located medical and claims professionals promptly handle, thoroughly investigate and fairly resolve claims, with a focus on return-to-work
• Discounts and savings through carrier’s preferred medical provider network


• Specialized equipment breakdown  coverage and certified boiler and machinery inspections and consultations through carrier’s Boiler & Machinery


• Complimentary EPL hotline provides access to EPL attorneys* to answer your questions
• Discounts for employee training to help protect against “failure to train” exposures


• Our dedicated Sewer Backup Claim Unit  understands the importance of balancing residents’ emotional reactions to water backup events with prompt claim handling
• Specialists work with sewer backup adjusters for valuation of residents’ personal items, antiques, etc.


• Coverage to protect against cyber and ID fraud for entities that store data electronically

Read More »Protection for Water and Sewer Districts