January 2012

Not All Data Breach Coverages Created Equal

Nearly all companies and healthcare practices that handle or store any personally identifiable information, customer and patient or employee data are at risk for a data breach. The possibility is especially high for businesses that routinely deal with credit cards, patient medical records, Social Security numbers and other sensitive information. The number of data breach occurrences is on the rise,… Read More »Not All Data Breach Coverages Created Equal

Risk of Injury with Tablet Computers

Remember the story about the carpal tunnel syndrome? Now all workers compensation insurance applications ask whether the workstations are designed ergonomically. The time where the application will be asking one more question about the use of tablet pc devices is probably coming soon, as tablet computer users may run the risk of neck and shoulder pain after prolonged use of… Read More »Risk of Injury with Tablet Computers

Travelers Business Insurance Price Up 10%

Travelers Companies Inc.’s business insurance had renewal premium rate gains of 8% for the 4th quarter 2011 and 10% for December, said CEO Jay Fishman. Many of our insured have received notices of premium increase, some of the them seen as much as 35% or more. Paperless Insurance Services is dilegently working to ensure our clients receive accurate up-to-date and… Read More »Travelers Business Insurance Price Up 10%

Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

SAN FRANCISCO-based independent insurance brokerage Paperless Insurance Services (PIS INC), Inc. has started offering business insurance products in the State of New York, PIS INC announced Thursday. PIS INC will be using their website as the marketing and underwriting base in the State if New York CFO Diana Motseniat said in her announcement. Paperless Insurance also announced that it is… Read More »Paperless Insurance Now Offers Coverage in New York

Fire Safety Checklist

This inspection sheet should be completed at home by the entire family.  Inspect each area of your home to make sure no fire hazards exist. We have ___ smoke alarms in our home. The last time we replaced the battery in our smoke alarm was __/__/__.  It must be replaced once a year. We test our smoke alarms monthly. We… Read More »Fire Safety Checklist

D&O Liability for Non-Profits

Did you know that Paperless Insurance offers Directors’ & Officers’ Liability coverage for Nonprofit Organizations? Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of Nonprofits including, but not limited to, social service agencies, associations, museums and foundations, this program is offered through a special program administrator, and endorsed by a number of prestigious organizations such as United Way Worldwide, the American… Read More »D&O Liability for Non-Profits

Top 5 workplace injury causes

According to research released Tuesday by Liberty Mutual Group Inc the 5 leading causes of workplace injuries are: 1. Overexertion — or injuries caused by lifting, pushing, pulling, holding and carrying – 25% of all claims 2. Fall on same level — 15.8% of all claims 3.  Fall to lower level 4. Bodily Reaction — defined as injuries from bending, climbing, reaching, standing, sitting,… Read More »Top 5 workplace injury causes

California Department of Insurance Hotline

Whether you are not satisfied with how your policy was rated, claim paid or there were marketing or underwriting issues, and you are lucky resident of the great State of California, consider contacting CDI hotline, which handles the health claims, claims services, and rating and underwriting services. Their number is 800-927-HELP (800-927-4357). The California Department of Insurance recovered more than $54 million for consumers… Read More »California Department of Insurance Hotline