August 2011

Specialty Liability Coverage for the Herbal, Botanical and Vitamin Industry

General Star has launched a delegated authority platform to distribute its NutraAdvantageproduct nationwide. Wholesale broker Worldwide Facilities, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif., has been appointed as the sole producer for this binding authority arrangement. Created by General Star in November 2007, NutraAdvantage provides specialty liability coverage for the herbal, botanical and vitamin industry. It is available on a non-admitted basis in… Read More »Specialty Liability Coverage for the Herbal, Botanical and Vitamin Industry

Wrongful Termination of Desperate Housewife

Desperate Housewives is about to enter its 8th season. While we wait for the last broadcast of this show, interesting development has caught our attention. Each season we, appreciative audience, witness storms of passion, violent behavior, cheating spouses and multiple murders within Visteria Lane neighborhood. Ever wonder what happens to the characters killed in the show? Edie Britt, embodied by actress Nicollette Sheridan… Read More »Wrongful Termination of Desperate Housewife

Can Employer Pass Workers Comp. Cost to Employees?

Employers cannot pass their workers compensation premium expenses on to employees, Massachusetts’ Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011. The ruling in Pius Awuah et al. vs. Coverall North America Inc. followed a federal judge’s finding that Coverall misclassified actual employees as independent contractors. The judge then posed several questions to Massachusetts’ Supreme Court. Among other matters, he asked the… Read More »Can Employer Pass Workers Comp. Cost to Employees?

Workers Comp Fraud With Check Cashing Firms

Florida officials, law enforcement officers and trade groups are working to stop check cashing companies from aiding workers’ compensation fraud in the construction industry. Officials are to investigate the role of check cashing companies in order to develop a legislative recommendations for the next year sessions. According to the officials, schemes involve individuals who set up fake companies that apply… Read More »Workers Comp Fraud With Check Cashing Firms

Coverage for Nuclear Exclusion Risk

Willis Group Holdings has developed a new insurance product to cover business interruption costs for companies with key locations, suppliers or customers situated in the vicinity of a nuclear power station. The coverage would apply should they be forced to suspend operations in the event the plant’s safety is compromised and an exclusion zone is implemented to contain the damage. The cover was developed… Read More »Coverage for Nuclear Exclusion Risk

Renew Licenses Online in MI

A new state policy will let Michigan drivers renew their vehicle registrations online through their birthdays even if they do it close to the expiration. Now, motorists who renew online will be able to print off a temporary registration document until their new tabs and registrations arrive in the mail. You can get more information on Michigan DMV website

Insuring Against Employment Discrimination Claims

Employers commonly obtain insurance to protect themselves against the numerous claims that might be made against them that arise in the course of doing business. The more traditional of these insurance policies are comprehensive general liability (CGL) and directors and officers (D&O) policies. Employers, concerned about liability for their employment decisions, including liability for unlawful employment discrimination, increasingly have begun… Read More »Insuring Against Employment Discrimination Claims