July 2011

Accident Benefits for Overseas Federal Contract Workers

Zurich is now offering accident benefits to U.S. government contract workers who are employed overseas. Zurich’s new Defense Base Act (DBA) Accident Wraparound policy provides benefits for employees who are involved in accidents while off the job. Zurich also offers occupational coverage that provides compensation when contractors or owner-operators are injured on the job. The DBA, mandated by the U.S.… Read More »Accident Benefits for Overseas Federal Contract Workers

What? Physician Ruling is Back!

Just a few months after the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board ruled that a non-approved physician’s report cannot be used to support workers’ compensation eligibility, it is reconsidering that ruling.

Were you asked for your zip code while completing credit card transaction at a retailer?

Retailers in California are engaged in coverage disputes with insurers over growing litigation alleging privacy violations for collecting customer ZIP codes during credit card transactions. More than 150 lawsuits challenging the collection of ZIP code information have been filed against retailers that include Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., Crate & Barrel, Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Forty separate class… Read More »Were you asked for your zip code while completing credit card transaction at a retailer?

Best Insurance Coverage for Russia and Ukraine is…

…insurance coverage for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations. FCPA Corporate Response was developed by Marsh’s financial and professional liability practice and provides cost of investigation coverage for individuals and the organization, the New York-based brokerage said in a statement. The coverage is triggered when an anti-corruption investigation is launched under the FCPA as well as foreign regulations, such as the… Read More »Best Insurance Coverage for Russia and Ukraine is…

EPLI Coverage

When shopping for EPLI coverage (Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers businesses against claims made by workers who allege that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated) make sure to pay close attention to the following factors: 1. Check more Markets Admitted & Non-Admitted. Usually, admitted markets provide better coverage for the less premium; however, it these may not… Read More »EPLI Coverage

Flood Insurance in California

With aging storm drains and no money in the coffers to fix them, flooding homes and businesses will become reality. Especially with 3 times the normal snowpack in the Sierras, parts of California will be affected even before next year’s rainy season. There are clients out there who have experienced downpours, flooding and mudslides wondering why they didn’t have more insurance to fix their… Read More »Flood Insurance in California

San Francisco Health Fee to Rise

Employers with workers in San Francisco must pay more next year to comply with the city’s health care spending law. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2012, employers with 100 or more employees in San Francisco will be required to spend $2.20 per hour per covered employee on health care, up from $2.06 in 2011. Employers with 20 through 99 employees will… Read More »San Francisco Health Fee to Rise

Often Misunderstood Facts Surrounding Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance are informational only, and cannot be used to grant, amend, extend or alter coverage or policy terms; Inserting any additional wording onto a Certificate of Insurance that grants, amends, extends, or alters coverage is an improper use of the Certificate of Insurance and is in violation of certain state statutes; The number of days notice for cancellation to a… Read More »Often Misunderstood Facts Surrounding Certificates of Insurance