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May 2011

Prevent Human Error in Workplace if You Can

If a worker makes a mistake that leads to an accident, should that employee take the blame? Maybe not, according to Indiana University of Pennsylvania Safety Sciences professor Jan Wachter. Wachter believes that human error in the workplace, while not completely preventable, can be managed by better tools to motivate and engage workers in the safety process. “While human error… Read More »Prevent Human Error in Workplace if You Can

Colorado Workers’ Comp Reforms

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed legislation approving state workers’ compensation reforms. Senate Bill 11-199, sponsored in the House by James Riesberg, D, and sponsored in the Senate by Lois Tochtrop, D: Requires an employer to admit liability for reasonable and necessary medical benefits in claims in which an authorized treating physician recommends medical benefits after maximum medical improvement if… Read More »Colorado Workers’ Comp Reforms

Make Sure to Insure Your Cargo in California

Very surprising news we got today from the Golden State:  California led the nation in cargo thefts last year, with 247 of 747 thefts in the U.S. that were estimated at $171 million, according to a report released last week by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Texas was the next most-targeted state for cargo thefts, with 91 in 2010. There… Read More »Make Sure to Insure Your Cargo in California

Travelers Expands Coverage for Healthcare Organizations

Travelers has unveiled new property coverages through its IndustryEdge product for healthcare organizations. New coverages include: Ordinance or Law – Communicable Disease Contamination Coverage – This coverage pays the costs incurred to clean up and remove communicable disease contamination from a premise when mandated by an ordinance or law. Condemnation of Medical Property – This coverage pays for loss of visibly… Read More »Travelers Expands Coverage for Healthcare Organizations

How Important to Go Through Drill

If you ever rolled your eyes during a fire or earthquake drill, may be this short article can help to reintroduce the value of readiness exercises. Florida, for example, a state well know for it’s catastrphes and high insurane rates, annual training to prepare for hurricane season. All state agencies as well as county emergency management departments are taking part in… Read More »How Important to Go Through Drill

Property Crimes Dropped in 2010

Violent crime is down 6.2% and property crimes have decreased 2.8% in the U.S., according to the latest government statistics. Also, arson offenses, which are tracked separately from other property crimes, is down 14.6 percent nationwide. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report compares information from law enforcement agencies for the period January to June 2010 with the same period… Read More »Property Crimes Dropped in 2010

Record Losses from Weather

Devastating tornadoes, floods, earthquakes overseas and a busier-than-usual hurricane season have U.S. insurance companies bracing for record losses in 2011. Globally — including the major earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan — U.S. and overseas insurers could post up to $55 billion in losses, EQECAT projects. In the United States, billions of dollars in damage were the result of a… Read More »Record Losses from Weather

Which Insurance Company Should Pay for Expenses?

A Colorado Court of Appeal has ruled that an insurer cannot file suit against another insurer for its failure to cancel a policy. According to court documents in First Comp Insurance v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office of the State of Colorado, First Comp Insurance asked the court to review the finding of an administrative law judge that it was liable for… Read More »Which Insurance Company Should Pay for Expenses?

California, are Workers’ Comp Rates Too High?

Most of us would probably answer “yes” to that question. But it might help to put things in perspective by pointing out that the average rate per $100 of payroll has fallen from $6.11 in 2004 to $2.44 in 2010: Meanwhile, claims costs have increased 50% in that same period: Another summary shows the statewide insurer combined ratio year by year.… Read More »California, are Workers’ Comp Rates Too High?