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March 2010

Underwriting Nanotech Risks

8, ISO introduced a new form CW 33 69 06 08 – Nanotubes and Nanotechnology Endorsement Exclusion. The form excludes coverage for bodily injury and property damage or personal and advertising injury “related to the actual, alleged or threatened presence of or exposure to ‘nanotubes’ or ‘nanotechnology’ in any form or to harmful substances emanating from ‘nanotubes’ or ‘nanotechnology.’” “


Landscapers work outdoors to maintain and beautify the scenery. Their work involves tasks that could prove hazardous: electric and gas power tools, ladders, mowers, noise, sun, and weather exposure. It is prudent for landscapers to cultivate safety while they plant and prune the pansies Landscapers use powered equipment such as trimmers, mowers, and chain saws to trim and prune grass… Read More »LANDSCAPER SAFETY

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Emergencies in the workplace cannot be eliminated, but if you have an emergency action plan in place and have trained workers to respond quickly and appropriately you can optimize efficiency, relieve anxiety, and in some cases, save lives. Management commitment and worker involvement are essential to an effective emergency action plan. The action plan should be explained to workers and… Read More »Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Zurich North America Doing Good

Zurich’s Specialties’ Management Solutions Group has created a new practice aimed at offering management liability insurance to public emerging growth companies with revenues under $500 million. The new practice, called Public Markets Group, will offer directors and officers (D&O), employment practices liability, fiduciary and crime insurance coverages. For this market segment, Zurich will offer the public markets endorsement for use… Read More »Zurich North America Doing Good

Definition of “Risk”

U.S. banking regulators disagreed on Thursday about how to reform financial regulation at a Senate hearing that underscored how far the United States has to go to reshape its patchwork oversight system.

Outside Sales: Class 8742

This classification is for salespersons whose work includes activity away from a main office. These employees must spend their workdays in sales or collection work and/or in on-premises clerical work. They must be physically separated from the business operative hazard (for example, industrial or construction work). Their payroll may not be divided between Outside Sales and any other classification.

Court Defines ‘Accident’ in Multiple Vehicle Case

Under Georgia insurance law an auto accident that kills one bicyclist and then within seconds injures a second should be considered as one event or two? Why it is important to know: insurance policy provides coverage with limits per accident. Therefore, insurance company needs to know what is the total they have to pay and the difference could be as… Read More »Court Defines ‘Accident’ in Multiple Vehicle Case