April 2009

Beware of Negligent Auditing

Recently, I was stalled by the Whole Foods cash register operator, who first asked me whether I have cold and hot deli in one box. As I said yes, he said, I will have to charge you tax on the whole purchase, because we’ve recently been audited and auditors found that we owe large on improper deli taxation. Vitesse Semiconductor… Read More »Beware of Negligent Auditing

Insuring Climate Change

Climate change is a fact. Countering it is a must. We are convinced that climateprotection makes economic sense, as it would be more expensive in the long term to pay for the damage it causes. It offers companies and national economies that react quickly great opportunities.

Food Stamps – Chance to Survive

According to Reuters 32.2 million people, one in every 10 americans, received food stamps recently. This is the record and reflection of the recession now in its 16th month. Care to feed hunger, people, donate to your local food bank.