November 2008

Worker Comp Premium Increase

California State Fund Files an 8.9 Percent Premium Increase for 2009. State Fund announced it filed a Jan. 1, 2009 revision to its rating plan, which it anticipates will result in an average 8.9 percent increase in collectible premium. Premiums for individual employers will also vary based on the experience of their particular rating class and experience modification, so individual… Read More »Worker Comp Premium Increase

Deer Crashes Increase 25%

The number of Indiana motorists colliding with deer is on the rise despite state-sanctioned hunts intended to bring down their numbers. Deer-vehicle accidents in Indiana are up 25 percent since 2003 compared with 15 percent for the rest of the nation, according to State Farm Insurance, which used insurance claims to compile its statistics. Read More…

California Insurance Department Web Site

The Consumer Federation of America has rated the California Department of Insurance Web site as “excellent” for providing consumers information about auto and homeowners insurance, according to a survey released this week. Paperless would like to express its congratulations!  California was one of only six states out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia that received an excellent… Read More »California Insurance Department Web Site

Cell Phone Law

Washington drivers may be having second thoughts about the state’s new law governing hand-held cell phone use while driving, a recent poll by Pemco Insurance shows. In February 2008, prior to the law’s enforcement, the majority of Washington drivers thought the law did not go far enough, allowing police to ticket hand-held cell-phone users only if they are stopped for… Read More »Cell Phone Law

Economy Poses Increased Risk to Crime

More than four in 10 Americans are worried that the current economic environment can expose their families to crime, according to a nationwide survey of 1,000 people. Many survey respondents also indicated that economic conditions are causing them to reduce their spending on security systems and devices. The survey, sponsored by the Chubb Group of Insurance Cos, found that 41… Read More »Economy Poses Increased Risk to Crime

Insurance Fraud Scheme

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced the arrests of Robert and Lisa Franklin of Artesia, on five counts of felony grand theft, five counts of diversion of premiums. In addition, Mrs. Franklin was charged with one felony count of insurance fraud. Mrs. Franklin faces a maximum sentence of nine years in state prison if convicted. Mr. Franklin faces a maximum… Read More »Insurance Fraud Scheme

Bad Faith Claim

A judge in Guadalupe County, Texas, has dismissed a case alleging that Texas Mutual Insurance Company acted in “bad faith” in a workers’ compensation case involving a pre-existing medical condition. Texas Mutual reported that District Court Judge W.C. Kirkendall sided with the workers’ compensation insurer in ruling that Texas Mutual established a reasonable basis for its decisions in handling the… Read More »Bad Faith Claim

AT&T Complaints

I have been using AT&T (SBC, Pacific Bell) for the past 8 years. There is only one positive experience with AT&T since then: when I finally cancel my service. Here is a partial list of my complaints: 1. In this big corporation one hand doesn’t know what the other does. Sales rep promises golden mountains, customer service later says it… Read More »AT&T Complaints

Pedestrian Injury Amounts Paid

A pedestrian who was injured by a drunk driver can only recover the amount the medical providers accepted from her insurer, not the total amount billed, the California Court of Appeal has ruled. According to People v. Bergin, Jennifer Armstrong was crossing the street when she was struck by Michael John Bergin. Armstrong subsequently suffered injuries, including a fractured knee that required… Read More »Pedestrian Injury Amounts Paid

Insurance Regulators Protect You

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New York regulators have fined five units of The Travelers Cos. Inc. a combined $50,000 for paying commissions to an unlicensed insurance agency in New York. The fines were paid as part of a legal stipulation signed last month, and covers violations of insurance law that took place between January 2006 and April 2007. The commissions in question were for approximately 110… Read More »Insurance Regulators Protect You