August 2008

Risk Control – Contractors

Fleet A significant risk for contractors relates to vehicle accidents. Construction workers typically spend more time in vehicles than other workers because they regularly move between job sites and use vehicles to obtain supplies. Construction work often entails physically demanding work in less than comfortable environments over long hours, resulting in fatigued drivers behind the wheel. Often contractors allow their… Read More »Risk Control – Contractors

Pay-As-You-Drive Regulations – California

California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has proposed regulations that would make green auto insurance option available for California consumers. If implemented, pay-as-you-drive auto insurance would allow motorists to more accurately pay for the coverage they need, by linking their premium more closely with the number of miles they drive. Any incentive like this to get people to drive fewer miles… Read More »Pay-As-You-Drive Regulations – California

Higher Gas – Higher Insurance Costs?

Yes… Lighter Vehicles Could Mean Higher Insurance Costs… The cost of auto injury claims involving lighter-weight vehicles tends to be higher than the cost of claims involving heavy vehicles, according to new research from the Insurance Research Council (IRC). The average claims payment involving lighter weight vehicles is more than 14 percent higher than it is for claims involving heavier… Read More »Higher Gas – Higher Insurance Costs?

Teen Insurance Safeco

With Teensurance™ powered by Safeco, you can help parents change the conversation they have with their teen drivers. Think about how thankful parents will be when you take some of the worry out of the day! You can give parents tangible tools for helping them improve their teen’s driving. Imagine talking about more than just price! Here are some key… Read More »Teen Insurance Safeco

Bad days for Surplus Lines Insurers

Surplus lines insurers’ share of the market is expected to continue decreasing over the near term unless a catastrophe curtails competition from standard market insurers, according to an A.M. Best report released Monday. “While surplus lines insurers outperformed the property/casualty industry in underwriting and operating performance in 2007, the softening market and more aggressive competition portend deterioration in profitability as… Read More »Bad days for Surplus Lines Insurers

Testing Mistakes at the Family Doctor

We have decided to continue doctor’s topic… Ordering the wrong test, missing results and forgetting to notify patients are among the many testing mistakes that occur routinely at the offices of family doctors, a new study shows. The report, published in the journal Quality & Safety in Health Care, looked at testing procedures and mistakes that were reported anonymously by… Read More »Testing Mistakes at the Family Doctor

Change in Workers’ Comp Rules in Oreg.

Health care providers all over Oregon say they’ll have to drop workers’ compensation cases, after a change in how they are paid to care for those injured on the job. The temporary rule, imposed July 7, 2008, allows insurance companies to pay doctors less than the state-mandated schedule of fees historically used in such cases. Administrators with the workers’ compensation… Read More »Change in Workers’ Comp Rules in Oreg.

Climate Change Price List

New forms of private-public partnerships are needed, particularly for developing nations, to deal with risks and costs related to climate change, Swiss Reinsurance Co.’s chairman said in a presentation Monday. Speaking at the International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Peter Forstmoser said the impact of hazardous events continues to rise, driven by interacting forces, including global warming, population… Read More »Climate Change Price List